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Jeb Whips Out His Big Venezuelan Secret


Interesting. The Post today ran a casual little aside that caught my eye. Turns out that Jeb Bush “lived in Venezuela for two years as a young bank officer.” I didn’t know that He’s always been kind of crazed in his anti-Chavez rhetoric, but I’d chalked it up to holding political office in Florida and having to represent the whack-job über-Cubans.

But it’s way seedier than that, at least if you believe everything you read on the internets. Here we go, in descending order of verifiability. I’m not saying it’s definitive, I’m saying it’s interesting. If you’ve got more, by all means, send ‘em to BoRevNet at Gmail dot Com

-According to the Financial Times, Jeb was more than a mere bank officer. He was Texas Commercial Bank’s pointman in Caracas, charged with setting up their Venezuela operation. This is where Jeb made his first, or second, fortune.

-Wikipedia says: “Bush attracted a lot of new business to the bank as a result of his effective networking in Venezuela”

-Networking with people like Venezuelan media barron Gustavo Cisneros Latin America’s richest man, and the financier of a huge chunk of the anti-Chavez crowd. Lots of ties between Cisneros and Jeb Bush’s Florida administration.

-During the first Bush presidency, Jeb secured the release of terrorist Orlando Bosch, wanted in Venezuela for blowing up a jet-plane filled with 73 Cubans, among other things.

-In 2000, the Atlanta-based ChoicePoint Company sold voting data to Jeb’s Florida administration to help him disenfranchise black people and make his brother president. A few years later, Jeb hooked the company up with his brother’s Justice Department to purchase Venezuela’s voting rolls in the leadup to the 2004 recall referendum.

-And then there’s this:

“At the same time their planes were flying back and forth from Venezuela with illegal cargo Hilliard's charter service was also, unbelievably, being utilized at virtually no cost––despite the fact that rentals for Lear jets can run as high as $1,800 an hour––by Florida Governor Jeb Bush.”

What does it mean? The mind boggles. Actually, I’ve re-read that paragraph a few times and I still don’t quite get it. But it's interesting.


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