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My Patriotism is Two Inches Longer than Your Patriotism

The internets are one weird place, to be sure. It’s not the pervy pedophillic Congressmen that freak us out so much as the mind-meld cult of the burn books for Jesus and Robert E. Lee crowd.

Por ejemplo: for once, somebody says something normal about Venezuela, and clickity clack go the tubes as the Shepherds of History furiously explain how you feel about Sheila Jackson Lee. If you’ve got the stomach for it, join us for the review:

Apparently, J-Lee is a “nutcase” “in league with our foreign enemies. A veritable card-carrying member of the “world communist conspiracy." This “ignorant twit” “should be deported”. After all, "It wasn't that long ago, we would have called this 'TREASON'." Her “Marxist roots run deep,” and “Democrats like her do everything they can to make it impossible for the US to win the wars it fights.”

Queen Shelia” “should loosen the Velcro on her tutu a notch” because “Getting Cozy” with the “Communist genocidal dictator Hugo Chavez of Venezuela” is “postively reprehensible, even for a piece of garbage like Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee.”

To conclude: “Is there no gutter in which you will not crawl for votes, Madam Representative?”

There’s crazy people out there. Parents, please. Monitor what your kids are reading.


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