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Amazing Suitcase Story Survives for Another Media Cycle!


Public Relations Tip: If you have a high-profile but weak case and you need to maximize media coverage before a judge tosses it out, do what the pros do: slow release new details each day., no matter how lame. Reporters are that easy:

>>> OMG Breaking News! Guido Antonini is officially the one working with the feds! So that’s why he was wearing a wire! Thanks, tomorrow’s New York Times!

>>> Oh! and U.S. prosecutors have stopped saying that those mysterious “foreign agents” actually threatened Antonini. Now it’s just a bribe:

>>> Oh! Oh! and this whole thing is such a huge matter of international importance that the judge is already allowing one of those mysterious foreign agents out on bail

>>> Oh! Oh! Oh! And that crazy lady at the Wall Street Journal is courageously standing alongside the Bush Administration in all this. And she somehow manages to call the Argentine president a terrorist appeaser.

Not sure what the hell we're talking about? Here's the original post. Anyway, you tired of this suitcase crap? Then how about a topic you were sick of last week instead? Democracy Now hosted a nice little debate on the Venezuela’s referendum and What It All Means™. Yes I know, I’m so over the post-ref navel gazing, too, but this was a good one.


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