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We Don’t Care, We’re


So somebody should explain to Jorge Castañeda the difference between the subtle, permissible misrepresentation that has come to characterize the press coverage of Venezuela in recent years and, um, how to put this? Oh I know: outright, verifiable, career-ending motherfucking slander. And while you’re at it, you may want to pass a similar note on to the editors at Newsweek so they can cover their butts just a bit, legally speaking.

Anyway, this shittard’s got an “opinion” column out this weekend based on the following multi-part premise:

1. Chavez actually lost the referendum by a far wider margin than was reported.
2. The president originally planned to “try to overturn the results.”
3. The military high command stepped in and “virtually threatened a coup d'état.”
4. The final, narrow, vote tally was part of an internal negotiation with elected officials and the military “so he could save face and appear as a magnanimous democrat in the eyes of the world.”
5. Other Latin American leaders know this is true, but are keeping quiet about the whole mess because Chavez has the means to destabilize their countries if they speak out.
Serious charges, right? Enough to alter history and maybe bring in a Newsweek fact checker? Haha, no. Apparently Castañeda and his solitary, unnamed “intelligence source” are enough for the magazine’s embarrassingly lame standards, this despite the fact that the scenario describes is not only been denied by all players, but is actually, inalterably, and physically, impossible. Which might explain why not even the most hardcore among the Venezuela-based opposition are making charges this nutso. You see, they’ve got the vote results, and not just the “official” numbers from election authorities, either. Under Venezuelan law, the actual tally sheets from every voting center get passed on to the opposition as soon as they come in. So they aren’t making this charge. But somehow Jorge Castañeda is.

Seriously, what’s his game here? If you’ve got unnamed intelligence sources of your own, please pass the theories on to BoRevNet (at) Gmail (dot) Com. We’ll totally live up to Newsweek’s standards of scrutiny before publishing them as fact.


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