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‘Non-Interventionist’ Think Tank Pays Husky White Kid $500K To Overthrow Venezuela!


Those oddball free marketeers from the Cato Institute just made a funny mistake and offered offered a “freedom” prize to a 23-year-old Serbian-trained Marigold Revolutionary Venezuelan adolescent, simultaneously violating their own non-interventionist policies, undermining a proud six-year tradition of rewarding geriatric economist types, and hilariously shoving a libertarian-style invisible hand up the poop-chute of democracy!

Wait, back up. Meet Yon Goicoechea! The adorably pudgy leader of Venezuela’s opposition student movements is now five hundred thousand dollars richer, thanks to a Cato-sponsored award named after well-known freedom lover “Milton Friedman” (not the New York Times shitbag but the Nixon/Pinochet advisor—ed.). After receiving full-scholarship training in the finer arts of Color Revolutionizing in Belgrade courtesy of U.S. taxpayers and ultra-right-wing European political parties, Mr.Goicoechea returned to his native Venezuela where he made speeches, posed for Playboy, and printed up printed up thousands of “Fraud!” t-shirts to prove to the world that Venezuelan elections were rigged only then his side won and so they weren’t.

Goicoechea “plans to use the prize money to support Venezuela's student parliament, donate to his university and former school, and support a foundation he is helping to set up that will offer training to young leaders who want to play a role in politics.”

PS: Don’t miss Cato’s online shrine to Yon, including a “famous quotes” page where he shares his youthful wisdom in soundbyte form, including, (my favorite) “We are not trying to destabilize the country.” Moving words, Yon! Maybe you can take the cash and like not destabilize Curacao for a while.


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