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While You Were Sleeping: The Monroe Doctrine Croaked


It’s laptop day! But before the shitstorm gets underway, we direct your attention to this report by the Council On Foreign Relations, in which Washington’s premier insider-y, do-nothing suck-up Conventional Wisdom Tank declares the Monroe Doctrine, officially and forever, dead. In other words, Chavez could be assassinated this weekend by Colombian paramilitaries on furlough from their Miami prison cells and he will have already permanently restored Latin America’s sovereignty after nearly two centuries. And also:

“If there was an era of U.S. hegemony in Latin America, it is over,” and:

>>> "U.S. policy can no longer be based on the assumption that the United States is the most important outside actor in Latin America," and:

>>> “Washington must also assume that Latin American countries know what is best for themselves.”

What a concept, and to think it only took 185 years to get here. Bolivar’s back, baby.


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