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They're Not Racists, They're Virginians


Editors note: ha ha still working out the bugs on this "two-people writing one stupid website" thingy. So lucky you here's a second post on a subject dear to your heart. Communication is Key! And anyway this exactly happens to be the 2-year anniversary of Macacagate, so obviously we planned it this way.

After his impressive 27-point ballot victory, President Evo Morales congratulated the opposition governors that also survived the recall vote and, once again, called for dialogue. In response, the separatist-racist governor of Santa Cruz, Ruben Costas, called the Aymara Indian leader a dirty monkey dictator. Well he went with "macaca" to be exact. But unlike when ex-Senator George Allen tried to get'er votes by letting Virginians know that he knows a shit-ton of obscure slurs, don't expect any tsk-tsk editorials from the Washington Post or for Costas and US Ambassador to Bolivia, Philip Goldberg to stop being BFFs.

So what's the "democracy-loving" oligarchy/US Embassy tag team to do now that the Bolivian people have reaffirmed Evo's mandate? More violence? Probably. More legal hi-jinks? Definitely!

The equally sleazy ex-Governor of Cochabamba, Manfred Reyes Villa, intends to fight his day-old ballot loss in court by arguing that there was no basis in the constitution for the recall vote – even though the opposition-controlled Congress and the winning opposition governors had no problem with it. At the same time, the Governor of Tarija, Mario Cossio announced that he will implement the "autonomy" statutes in his province immediately – even though the opposition doesn't even pretend there's a legitimate constitutional or other legal basis for what amounts to a declaration of secession. But don't worry, the US supports the "territorial integrity" of Bolivia and is backing negotiations between the Morales government and the opposition. Bolivia is fucked.


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Coeus [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Looks like the Venezuelan opposition is influencing them in more ways than one.


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