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Venezuelans in Delaware Hate Socialism, Love Handouts

Watch out America. Venezuelan immigrants are on the march, to Delaware! Literally tens of hot-blooded housewives have found their way to the "Pretty Loose" State in recent years, prompting a funny profile in yesterday's Wilmington News Journal. Marvel as the botoxed biddies reminisce about the "divine" old days in Caracas when their friends would "go grocery shopping in Miami -- for the weekend."

Sadly, those days are gone now that this Hugo Chavez fellow has "created divisions among the classes," through schemes like "raising literacy rates and the standard of living for people." There is, naturally, one Venezuelan policy that they support: "Chávez's program of providing heating oil," to Delaware. Hey, the winters get cold up there.


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Wow, a few hundred Venezuelans left as "refugees" because they think the sky is falling? And the reason for that belief is because the rich no longer have their fists wrapped around all the petro-dollars, so no more grocery shopping in Miami? And yet, they're totally behind getting cheap heating oil in Delaware--FROM VENEZUELA?

The mind boggles.

I'm rather surprised at Delaware Online's command of the facts regarding Venezuela and the Chavez government. They actually tell their readers things that are informative, useful to know, enlightening, and--very important--TRUE.

That's rare in the U.S. of A. Worth the time to write them a LTE, I think, thanking them.

I appreciate how they don't just let these well-off Venezuela expats run off at the mouth, without providing factual counterpoint. Can you imagine what the Miami Herald would have done with these anti-Chavez quotes?

Here's the contact for an LTE--the writer
Contact Rhina Guidos at 354-2819 or rguidos@delawareonline.com.

Letters to the Editor
P.O. Box 15505
Wilmington, DE 19850
Fax: (302) 324-2595


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