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It's The End of the World As We Know It?


By Revolter

I barely recognize the universe anymore. First Sarko, Merkel, and "Lapdog" Blair are calling for a new capitalism, which sort of looks like the old socialism. Then the almost-President notes that Bush Israeli-Palestinian policy is a disaster. And now Obama says he may actually try "diplomacy" with this Chavez guy, too.

OK, sure. Crisis may give the magic negro some leeway on the economy and the Middle East, but surely the right will keep Latin American relations crazy-as-usual, right? Maybe not. Even the retards at Freedom House realize that our embarrassing Cuba policy is over. Not only have they called for an end to travel restrictions, but their recent press release urges Obama to "reexamine the embargo."

"So what?" you (or your BoRev editor) might ask. Freedom House was already lukewarm on travel restrictions and their embargo stance is due to their board's business interests. Plus increased interaction would allow them do what they do best - spread right-wing propaganda "freedom."

Still, this is significant because Freedom House is basically made up of unreconstructed neocons. Their financial statement shows that Freedom House still receives the vast majority of its money from the Bush Administration (66%) or its crazy-con board members, which include John Negroponte's wife. And the much-ballyhooed "Map of Freedom 2008" basically lists all of Latin America as free, except for the leftists (and Colombia, because, well, duh.) Awesomely, the former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan once described how the current FH director backed off criticizing the Uzbek government after the Republicans. Apparently killing dissenters with boiling liquid and gas masks with blocked filters is more free than socialism.

Obviously, "America's oldest human rights organization" is still its creepiest. Either way, here's hoping Hopey ignores the Miami dead-enders and gives sane ideas a real shot in this hemisphere.


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Capitalism's goose is not only cooked, it's burnt to a frazzle. Stick a fork in it, people, and declare it done.

Borev, I am pretty pessimistic that Obama will be any better than Clinton. The two heads of the imperal hydra function with the same ideological DNA.

Independent nationalism is what the imperial beast simply cannot tolerate. Their pathetic logic seeks to destroy any healthy example of development in the former colonies. Euo-weenies almost instinctively agree to participate in the disinformation and they will at least tolerate future attacks.

But, hey, it is also true that the facts on the ground have changed by decades of incredible and courageous people fighting for democracy and justice.

For sure, Obama will have some pretty disappointed supporters if he insists on the US continuing to attack democratically inclined movements.

I put my 'hope' in the potential of people uniting and waging peace. But the biggest thug on the block has a way of undermining our dogged efforts. We should all get together and kick the thug in the balls, pull his pants down and humilitate him back to his cave in el norte.

Nolan Author Profile Page:

What impresses me is how El Salvador is considered more "free" than the other parts of Central America. There can't be political reasons for that, can there?

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