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Brave American Takes Courageous Stand For Slave-Owner Rights in Bolivia

larsens.jpgBy Revolter

Bolivia's National Institute of Agricultural Reform plans to seize 139 square miles from 5 Santa Cruz families for keeping Indigenous Guarani farmers as "virtual slaves", and give their traditional lands back to the ingrate Injuns. One of the landowners is renowned non-Bolivian Ronald Larsen, whose American family is said to own another 162 sq mi in the eastern department. Despite a lack of jail-time for keeping SLAVES, Larsen and his crazy crowd are not going quietly. Some are calling for civil disobedience to stave off the land seizures. Others advocate more extreme measures:

While Larsen insists he won't turn to violence, he says his neighbors might: "They've said it on television: 'We're not leaving alive.'" Larsen is also upset that the government recently began giving out food in Guarani communities -- to break the people's dependence on him for employment, he says. "These people, their main thing in life is where they're going to get their next bowl of rice," he said. "A few bags of rice buys a lot of support."

Classy. Anyway he should know. The Montana native has been "hiring" and "educating" Guaranis living on his Bolivian ranch since 1969. For more on this great symbol of gringo generosity and his famous sexpot/dirtbag son, check out El Duderino's post from last year.


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Jeez Revolter, you let that dumbass booorev edit your stuff?

No way man...and demand that your pay be doubled immediately*

*double nothing =...?

Yeah, the sexpot line was an editor addition. I just think the guy is an absolute douche. It's funny to see how the Santa Cruz opposition tries to defend these guys. The irony in them claiming the mantle of civil disobedience. It'll be interesting to see how much resistance they put up in the next month. They have 30 days from last week to respond to the court filings. Hopefully it won't come to that, but Evo & Co. should not be afraid to use force if the slave owners do not comply with court orders.

Rather more dirtbag than sexpot, IMO. (Handsome is as handsome does.)

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