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Venezuela Votes! (And Other Terrible Threats to Democracy)

voteordie.jpgCheap wine? Check. Google trigger finger? Check. Sit back people, we're "covering" this Venezuela referendum thingy until it's over or we pass out or get bored, whichever comes first. Feel free to post rumors and gossip in the comments section or whatever.

8:01 PM: Oh great "Officials from both camps said their early exit polls showed their side had won, although they did not publish their results."

8:05 PM: Opposition blogger Quico is already calling a massive 9-point win for the Chavez camp 54-45%

8:09 PM: Al Jazeera is calling it for the "Si" vote, as per exit polls.

8:27 PM: Don't miss FAIR's analysis of the press coverage leading up to the referendum, btw. You'll be shocked, no you won't.

8:41 PM: The Times of London--"The latest poll, by an independent Venezuelan agency Datanalisis, showed Mr Chávez leading his opponents by 6 points."

8:43 PM: In case you're not reading the comments, Otto's got additional exit poll results. But it's Otto, so, you know.

8:49 PM: This just in from Simon Romero!!! "Tight vote expected in Venezuela." Jesus, this guy.

9:03 PM OMG "the No votes appeared to be ahead"! In Miami.

9:24 PM: Miami Herald is calling it for Chavez. The couldn't bring themselves to write a story more than one line long, though. Check back often for funny/deranged commenters.

10:58 PM: Ooh! Ah! Blah blah blah blah blah.


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Comments (26)

Utpal Author Profile Page:

CNE 2nd Bulletin

Sí 54.85
No 45.14

99.57% actas trasmitidas
Participation 70%

otto Author Profile Page:

LOL @ greengata

"...Well, I saw on twitter that it's all a fraud. Maybe Simon will cite it next week..."

And I just got my first bitter little comment about it on my blog this morning. Too funny!

Kojerk Author Profile Page:

Lol! You warned me against funny deranged comments. Here's one to share from the Miami Herald: "I think the Chavez victory was a ploy by Pelosi and Reid. Now we will be forced to accept all the so-called political refugees from Venezueula, bolstering the number of LEFT even more in this country in order to drive the FAR LEFT Socialist dreams of these two."


Kojerk Author Profile Page:

Oh no! Not democracy! That FAIR report was spot on. I did Google and Yahoo searches last night with the following search terms, y'know, for shits and giggles: "Uribe term limits". After about 50 articles about tyrannical Chavez, I gave up trying to find anything about Our Man in Latin America (apologies to anyone here from a country whose man he isn't).

Well, I saw on twitter that it's all a fraud. Maybe Simon will cite it next week.

Utpal Author Profile Page:

Borev: instead of "fraud", the oppo dudes are crying "ventajismo". But still, it's an improvement.

Just catching the coverage on CTV now...oh god, they SUCK. Two Minutes' Hate, and only the No side is getting coverage.

CTV = Crapitalist TV

Utpal Author Profile Page:

Gunson is their resident dickwad nutcase. Ledezma is still on with his Chavista gunmen" on ghost payrolls ...

"Miami Herald special correspondent Phil Gunson contributed to this report."

Yeah, we noticed. Feh.

Utpal Author Profile Page:

On the Herrero expulsion thing ... heres' a video interview with Tibisay Lucena:


Lucena is quite cool actually :)

well it is a good thing i said 'my day'

otto Author Profile Page:

Err...natframe got his words in the wrong order there. He wrote:

"And BoRev, your humour and wit nearly always makes my day!"

But what he really meant was:

"And humour Borev all day as he makes nearly wit"

I just wanted to say thanks for the entertaining commentary on tonight's events, it has truly made it worthwhile to stay up and wait for the results.... aside from the outcome itself of course! And BoRev, your humour and wit nearly always makes my day! Keep it up.

Too bad, so sad for Yon-Yon. And all his little followers. Shoulda been Bolivarians, kiddies.

Now to go pour myself some plonk! WOOHOO!!!

Utpal Author Profile Page:

Haha, you're right. He was, like, networking with the UJC in Bolivia at one point.

otto Author Profile Page:

There's a great comment under that YonnyBoy article

"Terrible to have a student's movement run by....this clown.

I'm ashamed to be a university student."

billythekid - 15/02/09 - 06:23 pm
Que lamentable es tener un movimiento estudiantil dirigido por inconsientes tarifados con este bufon... que deja a tras la irreverencia, ilustracion y lucha por los derechos y bienestar del pueblo propio de los movimientos estudiantiles de las decadas pasadas... me averguenzo de ser estudiante universitario

otto Author Profile Page:

Chaos Theory (Vz edition)

YonnyBoy is drowning his sorrows.

El miembro del partido Primero Justicia, Yon Goicochea, llamó a los jóvenes venezolanos a que acudan a las mesas de votación desde la 3:00 de la tarde, tal como lo había planeado el movimiento estudiantil previamente.

"El 15 a las 15, llamamos a todos los jóvenes a echar el resto" dijo el dirigente, en el comando de campaña del bloque del "NO" ubicado en Chacao.

Felicitó a los más de 45 mil jóvenes que están distribuidos a nivel nacional para ser testigos en cada uno de los centros de votación por "el trabajo en la jornada".


BoRev Author Profile Page:

Only half drunk, u jokers. I'm sort of disappointed, to be honest. Where are all the crazies in their fraud T-shirts? Where are the conspiracy theories? It all seems so un-Venezuelan if you ask me.

Utpal Author Profile Page:

Otto: I think you and I typed almost simultaneously :) It's a good win.

otto Author Profile Page:

Utpal...quicker than the drunken Boorev

so an 8,7% gap, and more of the popular vote than some guy called Obama got recently.

Yep, that's a win.

Utpal Author Profile Page:

Participation: 67%; pretty high I would say.

otto Author Profile Page:

54% : official result with 94.2% counted


Caracas.- Con el 54 % los votos, la opción del Sí triunfó en el proceso electoral realizado este domingo en Venezuela. Este fue el primer boletín oficial de la jornada con el 94.2% de la transmisión.

Así lo anunció la presidenta del Consejo Nacional Electoral Tibisay Lucena, en rueda de prensa, a las 09:35 de la noche de este domingo.

Utpal Author Profile Page:

Official results in! (94.2% counted)

Sí 54.36
No 45.63

otto Author Profile Page:

Results in from Venezuelans voting en USA (not kidding, these numbers are real)


"YES": 100 (2.3%)

"NO": 7,482 (97.7%)

Spoiled ballots 8

My stars, those guys in Miami are so representative of their country.

otto Author Profile Page:

Exit polls:

PLMGroup: YES 60.9%, NO 39.4%
CGC: YES 56%, NO 44%
IVAD: YES 54%, NO 46%
Consul 3011: YES 53%, NO 47%

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