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An Open Letter To the Washington Post

nojusticenopeeps.jpgGentle Readers: Please take a moment to read this important letter to the Washington Post, and if you agree, click here to lend your voice to the struggle for democracy, transparency, and justice. All we are saying is: give the peeps diorama a chance!


On March 15 you received an official entry in your third annual Washington Post Peeps Diorama Contest. Quite simply, it is one of the greatest entries you are ever likely to receive should we be blessed with 100 years of Washington Post Peeps Diorama Contests, and yet we fear that circumstances may (neon) color your ability to grant this objet d'art the recognition it deserves.

You see, the Washington Peeps Ed Board Diorama Thingy™ depicts the Post's marshmallowy descent into gelatinous right-wing foreign policy goo. For this reason we understand that there may be a certain amount of conflict within your institution about granting this piece your recognition, but that would not be fair.

To be sure, if execution were the primary criteria, would there be any question about the entry's sweet, sweet virtues? Take another look at those hand-stained hardwood floors, the sculpted-to-scale clay pencil holders & coffee mugs, to say nothing of the individually costumed and coiffed characters based on actual members of the Washington Post editorial board.

This subject is sticky, and we will not sugarcoat our request: we believe that the official Washington Peeps Ed Board Diorama must be included in your winners' circle. Any other outcome would be a tooth-rotting travesty of justice. And without justice, can there ever truly be Peeps?

Sincerely yours,

The Undersigned

Click Here to sign on to this important letter right now.


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Comments (6)

i believe in you borev!

Bad WaHoPo...no peeps for YOU!

Bosque Author Profile Page:


I voted for the Peeps entry and saving the polar region and stopping Palin from killing wolves and indigenous groups in the UN and....

I had to get out of there!!!

If the WaHo Peeps can make Bruce Ivins time travel from Princeton, New Jersey at 5 pm back to Frederick, MD by 4:30 pm, who am I to say they can't transform Chavez into bin Laden/ FARC / Hezbollah / The Simpsons?

TK Author Profile Page:

Never surrender, BoRev! You can doo eet!

otto Author Profile Page:

It has to happen.

Oh yes, it does.

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