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OMG It's A Washington Peeps Ed Board Meeting!

washingtonpeepscropped.jpgOh Noes! Not even the Peeps in Peeplandia are safe from the Washington Post's increasingly deranged foreign policy positions! In the official BoRev entry to the Post's 2009 Easter Peeps Diorama Contest, deputy editorial page editor Jackson Peep stands on a chair to emphasize the paper's latest global "analysis."

Cross your fingers that we win!! Results will be announced on Easter. Full photo after the jump.

Washington Peeps Ed Board Meeting

(Click on the pic for more detail)


Each peep was lovingly costumed, made up and, in some cases, bejeweled. The hardwood floors are hand-made from popsicle sticks, cut, stained and finished. Yes, it is entirely possible that we should be medicated.


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I'm late, but I must say,this is a work of art. Breathtaking!!! Brilliant!!! Awe-inspiring?

I want some of your stash: I hear it works different with different people...


ok now make one for the nyt with cadbury eggs.

aaawwww. that is so cute!!

LOL--it won't win, but it WILL freak them out. Oh to be a fly on the wall when Jackson Diehl sees what his editorializing hath wrought...

Utpal Author Profile Page:

Who the hell is Shantaram?

otto Author Profile Page:

ok...i've come back five times now. It's amazing. I'm cyberstandingupandapplauding.

TK Author Profile Page:

That lady-peep in the middle, her eyes follow you, like Jesus'.

OMG BoRev! You are Epic Awesome.

TK Author Profile Page:

Wow, I...just, wow. "Congratulations."

bino Author Profile Page:

that is brilliant.

Damian Author Profile Page:

Love those headlines!

otto Author Profile Page:

is that THE laptop?

Big Al Author Profile Page:

Ok that's just fucking nuts.

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