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Breaking: Evo Foils Crypto-Imperialist Clock Scheme at US Embassy!


An international plot, intercepted emails, and the full reaction from Caracas: the Democracy Center's got the scoop.


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I realized it was an April Fools' joke when I saw that there were charges of corruption against Evo.

Srsly, though, Daylight Saving Time is a PITA. I'd like to see it abolished everywhere. Let's do what Chavecito did--set all our clocks for one-half-hour between Daylight and Standard time, and call it done.

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Nicely done, though. They had me up to this one:

In Caracas, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez announced his country's solidarity against "the conspiracy by the empire to manipulate the comings and goings of our Bolivian brothers and sisters." Chavez then issued an executive decree setting all of the nation's clocks forward by 37 minutes.

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I'd like to call april fool on this one too, but then again 90% of US LatAm coverage could be mistaken for (tragic) humour so who knows.

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Sigh. I wish the Dayana Mendoza story were also an April Fool's joke.

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