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Get A Room Ya Big Lugs


How adorable. Captions anyone? Blingees? Seriously send me a Blingee of this and I'll post it after the jump, promise. Know what else we got after the jump? Evo!



I think I like this below one best. Smiles are a little weaker, lips are pursed. They maybe screwed up the handshake? Chavez went for the fist jab possibly? That would've been awesome...


Ok, now your Blingees below. Click here to get started. Seriously it's a weekend. What else you got going on? Hop to it.Email 'em to borevnet (at) gmail (dot) com.

Obama Meets Chavez!!

Ok this one was me, but really I did this in like 3 minutes. It's easy! Now yours...

Awww....look who loves Evo. Thanks, Bina:


Oh wow thanks, Jason, because really, a Blingee isn't complete until somebody has a stroke, awesome:


This next one's only missing the unicorn. Thanks, Santos!

Best Friends!

It's Sunday in the Park with Barack. Nice one, CC:


Flavio writes "Ok, here's my contribution, with Nicolas Maduro as the Minister presiding the wedding--couldn't figure out how to add bling." Ok, thanks for trying, dude:


Ok, the marijuana in the lapel is a nice touch here. Thanks, Otto:


It's a gay psychedelic bike rally, or something, courtesy of Bosque:


Here come Barry, just cold chomping on a Cuban. cigar. Chevere, Rigo!



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Bosque Author Profile Page:

Don't hate ... love.

Bunk Author Profile Page:

Hmmm. First image of HCF ever posted on the BoRevs?

I sent you a blingee.

Damian Author Profile Page:

Heh heh. I can heard wingnut teeth grinding from here!

Two scenarios...


1) Ice genuinely breaks.

Obama gets that Chavez represents his people, for good or ill.

Time to get back to business.

Cooperate where there's common ground: Oil development, drug control, & some anti-poverty strategies.


2) Calm before the storm.

A quick handshake is all the diplomacy Venezuela deserves.

Now Obama expects Chavez to step down & let the opposition take over.

Chavez doesn't agree & dares Obama to his worst.

The U.S. imposes sanctions on the H-MAN's favourite imports: Fiesty SuperModels & Oscar-winning Actors.

Prepare for war people.

HA ha! Beautiful.

I guess we won't be hearing any more terror-talk coming out of Washington (in reference to Venezuela and Bolivia) from now on, eh?

Bunk Author Profile Page:

OMG OMG OMG!!! Wow. I mean, WOW. I haven't been this giddy since election night.


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