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Too Hot For The Washington Post!


Well well. It appears that the Post has released the "top 40" winners in it's annual Peeps diorama contest a day early, and our little submission, ahem, didn't make the cut. Seriously, check out some of the inferior entries (we're talking 'bout you, Peeponcé) and try to explain to us again about that "firewall" between the news section and the editorial board. This. Means. War. You can express your outrage here.


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Really. What has American journalism come to, with such obviously rigged contests?! It's scandalous!

And the Washington Paste is the worst of the lot! Right in our nation's capitol! Rigged bunnies! Next it will be rigged cats!

this is bullshit. had i a subscription, i would cancel it.

otto Author Profile Page:

It's a WAR CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY ITSELF that borev didn't make the final 40. There are some real cruddy entries in that 40 and the WaPo has no viable and logical and adult and mature and...errr...very big excuse. Buncha foolz, basically.

Gotta say though that the winner 'NightPeeps' is very good.

I don't know who's most disturbed--the peeple (sorry) behind those top 40 entries, the WaHoPo for dreaming up such an inane contest in the first place, or whoever came up with the idea of marketing inedible fluorescent marshmallow critters.

(That said, I kind of liked the Escher poster one. That took some doing.)

TK Author Profile Page:

Oh christ they wimped out! What a shock. Really nice work on the diorhea tho.

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