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How To Read A Juan Forero Story In Three Easy Steps


Click on the image for a bigger version, or if you think you're ready to try these tips out for yourself, proceed.


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So glad you write this blog - and challenging what the Post & other media would have as common understanding (Chavez = Bad).

May we can get every school child in America to send Leon Panetta a penny so he can hire a better class of hack for the WaHo.

Bosque Author Profile Page:

Anyone else get the feeling the editorial board needs to share a box of razor blades?

If the WaHoPo ever wraps its tiny, shrivelled mind around the possibility that "balance" means between right and left, not far-right and fascist-beyond-Mussolini, I swear I will collapse from shock.

In the meantime, I vomit all over them.

Have you all seen the latest from that pillar of human rights advocacy, Ken Roth? He is again caught with his organizational shorts down here:

Hmmm. The Post asks Bush's speech writer, the lunatic huckster Schoen and Ken Roth to decide for "the left" if they are being betrayed by Obama.

HRW needs to get out of the closet and get a name they can rally around openly, like Heavyhanded Rightwing Wackjobs.

Utpal Author Profile Page:

I hadn't quite realized this, but to date Globovision hasn't even been sanctioned for anything. There's a bunch of investigations, but they seem to be interminable (the one for Rafael Poleo saying "tu vas a colgar como Mussolini, de arriba pa' abajo" is a year old and still ongoing).

Romero, Forero...not only do they write the same shit, they rhyme. Coincidence?

TK Author Profile Page:

Hey no kidding, Bosque. Maybe step 2 should be "check the dateline and figure out if he's even in the right country." That's some Simon Romero shit right there!

Bosque Author Profile Page:

How come the by line is Bogota Colombia and not Caracas Vz?

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