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National News Outlets Bring Their Own Special Brand of Clarity to Honduran Coup

It's day two of the Honduran coup, and the brand new military dictatorship is winning the hearts and minds of the people by, let's see... cutting off teevee feeds and electricity throughout the capital and putting an "indefinite" curfew in effect, for freedom! Thousands of Zelaya supporters are apparently dodging bullets in the streets, which is sort of like Twittering, for poor people. But the salient question remains: "WTF?" There was going to be a referendum, sure, but about what? For more insight we turn to the English language press corps, after the jump!

Washington Times: "The apparent catalyst for the coup came last week when Mr. Zelaya decided to go ahead with a nationwide referendum on whether he could purse a second term in office."

Christian Science Monitor: "Mr. Zelaya was attempting Sunday to push ahead with a controversial referendum on whether to extend presidential term limits as other leftist leaders in the region have done in recent years, despite the fact that his country's Supreme Court ruled such a vote illegal."

Miami Herald: "The attorney general and the Supreme Court declared the poll illegal, because it asked voters whether they wanted a constituent assembly to modify the constitution to allow the president to seek reelection."

Washington Post
: "Zelaya was removed from office as Hondurans prepared to vote Sunday in a nonbinding referendum asking them whether they would support a constituent assembly to rewrite the constitution."

Wall St Journal: "Mr. Zelaya, a frequent critic of the U.S., has been locked in a growing confrontation with his country's Congress, courts, and military over his plans for the referendum -- planned for Sunday -- that would have asked voters whether they want to scrap the constitution, which the president says benefits the country's elites."

In other words, nobody knows! It was probably too much work to like, bother to read the text of the actual ballot question, which translates to:

"Do you agree that, during the general elections of November 2009 there should be a fourth ballot to decide whether to hold a Constituent National Assembly that will approve a new political constitution?"
Wait, where was the part about the part about term limits?


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BoRev, would you PLEASE put this in a headline:

"The Zelaya ADVISORY referendum in Honduras had **NOTHING TO DO** with TERM LIMITS!!!!!!!!!!"

And just repeat the actual wording of the resolution about a hundred times--as many as THE LIE that it was about term limits has been repeated over and over and over again in our corpo/fascist press!

Most recently:


The Negroponte article is a hoot. Did you know that the U.S. has lost its interest in Honduras as a strategic "lily pad" location from which to slaughter leftists in neighboring countries and steal Venezuela's Caribbean oil fields? And you thought USAID's $49 MILLION taxpayer dollars to rightwing groups in Honduras, plus multi-millions in military aid, would keep your gas guzzler's tank filled. Wrong! That's just gifts to old friends. The US has no interest in buying anything with all that 'filthy lucre.'

And, and, and...guess what the threat to freedom, justice and the American Way is from having a legitimate, elected president outside of the country agitating to get back in? Guess! Guess what these wingnuts think is the problem with that!

You guessed it--that DRUG CARTELS will come to President Zelaya's aid in order to create a narco-state in Honduras!

I think we are looking at THE classic of rightwing projection, in this spawn-of-Negroponte's article. Now we know for sure that, a) Oil War II: South America is on, as a long term plan for 2013-ish; and b) these arrogant fascist coupsters in Honduras thumbing their nose at everybody in the world are funded by the drug cartels (besides being funded by our tax dollars)!

The latter was Al Giordano's theory first. Now we have confirmation by the Washington Times using the very reliable "rule of thumb" that, whatever Republicans and other fascists accuse others of doing, THEY are doing.

Bosque Author Profile Page:

Kill, kill, kill !!!

Ever wonder why US media networks never ever put up the actual contents of the poll?

Worthless sensationalists. When do we kill them all and move back to reporting the news?

Happy birthday, and keep up the blingification of the borev.

And that twittering quip is a real gem.

Utpal Author Profile Page:

Has our dear HRW reacted to any of this yet?

It's continually amazing just how retarded the press really is, and Happy Birthday evil homo commie comrade.

otto Author Profile Page:

"Thousands of Zelaya supporters are apparently dodging bullets in the streets, which is sort of like Twittering, for poor people..."


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