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Titulares & Asininity (Extended Tegucigalpa Street Mix)

  • So far 2 dead, 60 injured in street protests, which is like five hundred in Twitter years.
  • "The few local television and radio stations still operating played tropical music, ran soap operas and aired cooking shows on Monday."
  • Meanwhile the actual president Manuel Zelaya, plans to return to his homeland, Thursday, to die.
  • Oh Christ now John Negroponte, the Butcher of Honduras, is a commentator on Honduras for Fox News the Washington Post.
  • Venezuela, Nicaragua, Ecuador & Bolivia have shut down diplomatic relations.
  • Oh it's on now! Fuckin' BELIZE is not going to recognize your ass. WHAT NOW, bitches?
  • Or, as the Washington Times puts it, "In criticizing the coup, the U.S. joined with leaders of nations ranging from Venezuela to Cuba."
  • Oh and pictures. Awful, awful pictures.


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Bosque Author Profile Page:

LaJornada is now reporting that wanna-be (Ho) Pres is now claiming the courts have an arrest warrant for Zelaya should he return.

Its a bit late to pretend to be a real court.

Sooooo, this means they had no warrant to take him into custody for deportation or anything else and he has had no trial to be found guilty of any wrongdoing.

I ask, where is Johnny Chochran and the Dream Team when you need them?

Utpal Author Profile Page:

Belize is supposed to be a very beautiful country. What were the other four?

El Cid Author Profile Page:

Well, I maybe take this back -- this from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Colombia:

1- El Gobierno de Colombia manifiesta su profunda consternación por la ruptura del orden constitucional en la hermana República de Honduras.

2- Rechaza que se haya separado del poder por la fuerza al señor Presidente constitucional y democráticamente elegido, Manuel Zelaya Rosales.

3- Hace un llamado al restablecimiento pleno del orden constitucional y legal.

4- Respalda las acciones adoptadas por la Organización de los Estados Americanos (OEA), con el fin de encontrar soluciones democráticas a la actual situación.


So, even right wing Colombia denounces the loss of democratic governance in Honduras.

El Cid Author Profile Page:

I have searched the local and international media, and I just can't find any statement that Colombia's Alvaro Uribe condemned the coup.

I see reports that he and Obama discussed the situation in their talks, but I just don't see any quote from Uribe condemning the coup, unlike, say, his right wing ally Felipe Calderon of Mexico who passionately denounced the illegal coup.

It could be that Uribe strongly opposed Zelaya's effort to revise the Honduran Constitution to possibly run for election again, since Uribe much prefers to just let his political party bribe key members of Congress to vote for a new law which allowed him to run for re-election in 2006.


That is totally different and superior to holding a controversial poll which might lead to a referendum, which is completely undemocratic and provocative and will make Fred Hiatt and Jackson Diehl cry.

Bosque Author Profile Page:

I just read on LaJornada that Zelaya will be returning on Thurday.

Also, some Ecuadorian judge put out an arrest warrant for crazy Santos. Uribe is upset about it.

TK Author Profile Page:

@Otto: "Tegucigalpa" has enough weirdass for two, right?

otto Author Profile Page:

When i was in geography class at skool, many many moons ago, a friend and I picked out 5 weirdass country names to visit.

I have one left to do. Man, I gotta go see Belize one of these days.

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