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WTF, Honduras?

Zelaya!Geez guys I leave the shop unattended for a few hours and all hell breaks loose. Acknowledging the fact that better bloggers have been doing this all day, here are the lowlights as far as I can tell. Feel free to fill in the blanks in the comments or on the Twitter or wherever it is you people post unconfirmed rumors and speculation these days.

  • So this morning Hondurans were all set to vote in a to referendum on whether or not to hold another referendum allowing lefty president Manuel Zelaya to serve more than one term in office. This upset the democracy purists within the Honduran military so much that they just cold stormed the presidential palace, kidnapped Zelaya and shoved him into a plane bound for Costa Rica. As if this wasn't all international incident-y enough, they also went ahead and beat the crap out of the foreign diplomats from Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.
  • Then on to congress, where the coup leaders waved around an insanely fakey "resignation letter" they claim Zelaya signed, and the Honduran congress votes to accept his resignation, because fuck it, right?
  • Meanwhile in Costa Rica, Zelaya talks to CNN and is all like, yeah if I'd been planning to resign and move to Costa Rica I would probably have bothered to changed out of my pajamas first, ding dongs. IT WAS A COUP, duh.
  • After spending the day hemming and hawing and refining their statements, some unnamed source in the Obama administration finally told the press that the U.S. government "recognizes Zelaya as the duly elected and constitutional president of Honduras. We see no other," even as some phony coup president was being sworn in in Tegucigalpa. The OAS shortly follows up with a powerful statement demanding the immediate return of Zelaya to office. The whole thing was also condemned by the EU but like who cares, right?

Whew. Ok that's um...over? Can I go back to my birthday party now?

Update I: Simon Romero finally files his story. Turns out the universal coup condemnation only underscores the "good left" / "bad left" blah blah blah.

Update II: The Inter-American Dialogue explains the downside of kidnapping a democratic leader and replacing him with a military dictator: "This gives Chávez the high moral ground to go on with his narrative about right-wing oligarchs who don't tolerate leftist governments."

Update III: Noted Wall Street Journal crazy lady Mary Anastasia O'Grady explains how the military coup is actually a defense of democracy, and urges Obama administration to respect Honduras' unique system of "checks and balances."

Update IV: Actual Miami Herald headline--"Hondurans in South Florida express support for shake-up."


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"Earlier, Obama said in a statement he was "deeply concerned" about the events, and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Zelaya's arrest should be condemned."

Indeed? The proof of the pudding would be if the US immediately cut off all financial and military aid to Honduras, followed by the rest of the West.
Predicted result: The coup leaders would back down, like the Indonesian leaders did when Clinton cancelled his support for the East Timor massacre.

Given that the same Pentagon, CIA and corporate leadership rules the US "under" Obama as did "under" Bush, is that going to happen?

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@PeacePatriot: Cesar Ham is apparently alive, but in hiding.

@Bosque: What they seem to have done is rush through a law saying that referenda cannot be held within 180 days (before and after general elections), and use that as a basis in the courts to claim that the referendum is incostitutional.

Dontcha love it when "checks and balances", rather than check possible abuse of power becomes politics by other means. (to top it, when one of the checks and balances is unelected?)

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I find it odd the coupsters said it was legal and what the people wanted.

If so, why institute a curfew, a communications and an electricity black-out, plus send troops into the streets?

I remember when Clinton was 'impeached',there was open trial.

Did Zelaya have an impeachment trial or did the congress simply decide to impeach him but forgot the trial part?

ah yes, and happy happy birthday darling! ay que noche tan preciooooooosa....

a few of them were also calling for the assassination of chavez and saying it was not a coup, but a legal arrest.

I heard from the oligarchics on twitter that cuban, venezuelan, and nicaraguan ambassadors "...were arrested because they were getting their armies in to our country attenting (sic) againts our rights..."

Thank you, UtPal! I was typing that ALL DAY yesterday in CAPS. Everybody was getting it wrong. Even the BBC.



It was an ADVISORY vote on whether or not people wanted to form Constitutional assemblies. It had no legal force. Just an opinion poll.

And for THIS, they shot up the president's house, dragged him out of bed, beat him up and put him on a plane with blackened windows to Costa Rica, murdered Congressman Cesar Ham, kidnapped and beat up three ambassadors and god knows what all reign of terror last night!

The fascists in Honduras sure don't want peoples' opinion on the current Constitution, I guess (written during Reagan's "reign of terror").

Somewhere in the frenzy of news yesterday, I also picked up where this slander against Zelaya (that the vote was on lifting his term limit) apparently came from: the opposition (fascist) prez candidate's blog. A RW "talking point" that ran a successful circuit thru every corp/fascist news outlet and even thru many leftwing bloggers.

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BOREV! WAR IS OVER (if you want it)!

Happy Birthday. But no, seriously, I must have been among the first to have alerted you to this, and I don't even get a hat tip.


I deserve one. It's been a while.



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Oh and ¡feliz cumpleaños BR!

This bud is for you.

Well no it isn't, its for me. Sorry.

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70% poverty and a "f-what the people may want."

Well, isn't that all democracy-like 'n stuff.

So, you're still young and foolish enough to celebrate birthdays, huh?

Young, I'm not. Foolish... no doubt. At least I posted a response to Ms. O'Grady (or more a question about the Honduran Constitution which she claims justifies this action) on her own page. And on mine.

Nice to report that even the present right-wing administration here in Mexico has rejected this coup.

does this mean that these effers are officially 'on crack'? LOL

The Chavez boogie man. Boo! I am scared. Let's have a coup.

This is what we get for not introducing Obama to Pele.

Bolivia, Honduras, what other little surprises did Junior leave laying around.

Happy Birthday. Now you and Obama's Bay of Pigs have a day in common. :-)

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By the way, the referendum is not about a referendum that´d allow the prez to be re-elected; it's a non-binding referendum about a referendum about forming a constituent assembly that Zelaya's opponents believe would lead to a constitution that might allow for his re-election.

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