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And You Thought Our Drug Laws Were Draconian

Crowd - Pedro Magdiel Munoz.jpgBy Revolter

Stop me if you've heard this story before:
1) Honduran coup government's security forces kill pro-Zelaya protester.

2) Honduran police anonymously admit to reporters that they or the military are responsible for the murders.

3) Micheletti and the gorillas tell police to STFU, officially deny any involvement, shamelessly blame own protesters for killing.

4) English language press somehow gives the coup regime the benefit of the doubt, even though they are proven pathological liars. They lightly report on the homicides, but bury part about how the coup government is responsible.

First it was Isis Obed Murillo. Despite the fact that the Honduran police blamed his shooting on the military, disgraced coup Minister Enrique Ortez and Otto Reich somehow managed to accuse his fellow protesters while maintaining straight faces. The English language press has still not called them out.

Pedro Madriel Muñoz avoided roadblocks to travel from Tegucigolpe and try to reach the border where Mel Zelaya is camped out. He didn't quite make it. On Friday, he and thousands of other Hondurans were stopped by police with tear gas and live bullets in El Paraiso, 7 miles from Nicaragua. Then Muñoz somehow showed up tortured and murdered on the side of a road (which also happens to be next to a military base) where the rest of the protesters could see his body. Central Americans know what this means. The US press thinks, "Gee maybe it wasn't the police/military. Let's wait for an investigation. Zelaya will be gone by then anyway. Muahahaha."

AFP's story in English: "Supporters of the ousted president accuse Honduran police of murdering the man."

AFP's story in Spanish (translated): "A Police official - who did not want to be identified - admitted to protesters and journalists in El Paraiso that the man was detained on Friday, but said it was for smoking marijuana, and maintained that he had been released afterwards."

The point? Fuck off AFP. And Reuters, AP, The NY Times, Miami Herald all of you, the end.

UPDATE: There are reports of a second murdered protester in El Paraiso, and another protester says that he was also tortured by the military.

UPDATE II: 200 activists, including 3 leaders of the resistance against the coup, have been detained by the military upon crossing the border from the Zelaya camp in Nicaragua back into Honduras.


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