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Enrique Ortez Isn't Racist, He Likes that little Sambo In the White House

OMFG The Honduran junta's pretend "foreign minister" is just in rare form this week:

"I have negotiated with queers, prostitutes, leftists, blacks, whites. This is my job, I studied for it. I am not racially prejudiced. I like the little black sugar plantation worker who is president of the United States."
And it seems like only yesterday this guy was apologizing to Barack Obama for another racial slur (it was). Enrique Ortez is a bag of crazy.


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Here's another chunk'o'fun on the dude:


Honduras claims Venezuela violated airspace
Western Hemisphere

The new Honduras Minister of Foreign Affairs Enrique Ortez said on Monday that his government made a protest against Venezuela for "airspace violation" of a Venezuelan aircraft that tried on Sunday to get back to Honduras removed President Manuel Zelaya.

Ortez told reporters that the Honduras Foreign Ministry sent on Monday a note of protest to the Venezuelan government for such an event "which damaged a lot the cordial relations that have always existed with Venezuela."

However, he provided no details about how they forwarded the notice, Efe reported.

"We cannot make silence in view of the fact that an aircraft with Venezuelan registration number can enter the space which forms part of the national territory," said Minister Ortez.

I began to have my doubts about this so-called Ortez person when reports came through about him disliking pie.

Bosque Author Profile Page:

(near the guy's house)

Sorry 'bout that.

Bosque Author Profile Page:

Only fitting thing to do would be to drop a dud bomb near the guy's which blasts Celia Cruz' "Rie y Llora" ... with a small change to the ending.

Utpal Author Profile Page:

This is increasingly reminding me of the First Gulf War, when a Kuwaiti govt spokesman was asked how ordinary americans were supposed to feel sympathy for the rights of Kuwaiti citizens who often employed four or five housemaids (most residents of Kuwait are not citizens, you have to remember). He responded by saying that, ya know, maybe this should lead to some reflection among Kuwaitis: in the future, maybe instead of five, they should just make do with two.

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