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Great Moments In Coup Reporting

by Revolter

Cigar aficionados, you may have heard about some sort of disturbance in Honduras or "the second largest exporter of premium cigars to the United States," and gotten a little worried. Relax, and take a deep smoke-filled breath. Generalissimo Romeo Vasquez won't let a little thing like martial law stop you from getting Honduran stogies (and blood) in your hands:

Eiroa said the cigar and tobacco industry--by far the largest employer in the area--is allowed to operate via special permit. "The city is still under curfew, but there's a special permit for tobacco companies."


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Bosque Author Profile Page:

Looks like 4 visas got yanked
so far. I guess that means they can't visit their mansions in FL.


Bosque Author Profile Page:

No thanks. The Dominican cigars are far superior.

Utpal Author Profile Page:

Cigar aficionado doesn't care where their cigars come from, as long as they keep coming. They are big supporters of lifting the embargo on Cuba, for example.

Good thing I can't fucking stand cigars.

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