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Here's An Interesting Question About Journalism...


Um, "yes"?

Man oh man, how bad does AP reporting have to get before a group of Latin American studies professors from top U.S. universities decides they need to take out a FULL PAGE AD in the Columbia Journalism Review to respond? Bad bad. Click on the picture to see the whole thing.


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You mean Authorized Propaganda distorts news from Venezuela?!

Who knew.

Well, I've been saying this, and you've been saying this, and actually a whole lot of people have been saying this for years. Glad to see the professors catching up. Hope it does some good.

But AP will always be the Associated Pukes, to me. Their journalistic crimes against Chavez, Correa, the Kirchners, and other leaders, and against South American voters, and against the people of the U.S., on whom so much disinformation, lies, psyops and brainwashing has been inflicted, are unforgivable. They are right up there with Judith Miller and the NYT's lies about Iraq WMDs, and could well be for the same purpose (Oil War II-South America).

People may die because of these lies about Latin America. Lots of people. People already have died (in Colombia, in Honduras, in Mexico, in Peru) not only because of the Associated Pukes' failure to report the truth, neglect, negligence, and black holes where information should be, but because of outright propagandistic LYING.

AP is not redeemable. I hold no hope that this article will do any good, as to AP changing--only as to alerting more people to their total unreliability on Latin American (and probably all other) issues.

Thanks for finding this. It's not only AP but Reuters too, and AFP, and EFE and ....

It's getting harder and harder to NOT conclude that the AP is just the State Dept.'s (or the CIA's) media arm.

Maybe it's both.

Hi guys, I often enjoy your thoughts on LatAm issues, especially those on Colombia, but I'm disappointed not to see your views what's now happening with Correa and the 'Mono Jojoy' video. Don't ignore it, please.

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