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Honduras Gets "Left Behind"™ as Top Coup Leader Bails for Miami Weirdo Conference


Hey look it's a wingnut fiesta in Florida this weekend, as all of the biggest "prophets," "psalmist'" and "apostles" from some fucktard religious sect all descend on Miami at once to pray for the end times and await the second coming of, um...Special Guest Generalisimo Romeo Vasquez??

The presence of the Honduran coup regime's A-#1 top human rights ballbreaker in Miami poses about a zillion fascinating questions, such as:

  • This guy can get into our country?
  • He's prioritized taking time off from his demanding dictatorship to meet with this loon squad?
  • The same weekend that Zelaya is maybe returning?
  • Will he finally beat out insanely racist Honduran "justice minister" Enrique Ortez for most embarrassing coup official?

Obviously this will be the awesomest conference of all time. Confidential to Miami operatives: stories, pictures, go.


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Didn't pies use to contain deer innards in the Middle Ages?

otto Author Profile Page:

Look on the bright side, folks. There's always pie.

...with "modern" winning, and "medieval" compensating by becoming ever more brutal and absurd.

Bosque Author Profile Page:

Ah yes, the moonies, the younger Bush's friends hanging out in coca growing land.

It seems to me that the whole world is going batshit nuts.

The more the world opens up to different ideas, the more crazy the hard-line religious nuts get.

Its like a fight between modern and medieval.

Zelaya "Walks the Line", in his cowboy hat, no doubt.

Also, these groups are even shadier than the moonies in their right-wing ties. Remember that murderer Rios Montt was a fb of Pat Robertson (as was Liberian dictator Charles Taylor).

Uptal -- "Prophet" Chavez' website also requests "investments" (starting at a thousand greenbacks a month) to further the cause (whatever it is), and reads like some kind of "multilateral marketing plan" more than a religious program.

Revolter -- the "queen of heaven" thing makes me think these guys are part of the anti-Catholic (as in Mary, Queen of Heaven) groups that have sprung up throughout Central America in the last thirty to forty years (usually sponsored by U.S. based churches).

The tie I can see is through "Christian Dominionism".

El Cid Author Profile Page:

Zelaya just walked onto Honduran soil from Nicaragua. However, he reportedly is going back and forth while waiting for his family & others to arrive.

I know how he got in the country. Sarah Palin invited him. She's a member of one of those scary cults too. Perhaps it's the same one. Or maybe those C st. kool aid drinkers stamped his visa.

@Utpal: Yes, they got raptured. LOL!

otto Author Profile Page:

The General sure has that "I like pie" look about him.

I had a major spiritual breakthrough in the 20/50 window, and I realized that Miami really, really sucks.

Utpal Author Profile Page:

We can't search this site anymore. Did something happen?

El Cid Author Profile Page:

Actually, that's really an interesting speculation there -- Vasquez Velasquez may choose to relocate to the safer environs of Miami, FL, with all the other former Reaganite terrorists and ex-juntists who own valuable property there.

After all, in Miami, he'd be just another right wing d*ck with money, but in Honduras he's keeping a military oligarchy in power. Let him come to Miami and stay.

Bosque Author Profile Page:

The 'spirit' of Franco is shoved horizontally up his rectum. Maybe he's coming to be exorcized by Ana?

He'll probably be the next psycho to beg for asylum in that looney bin known as Miami.

I don't consider those folks latinos, I don't even think they are humanoid. They are the dark forces of hell which have been inserted into the time life stream of man in order to make the world a miserable cesspool of war and poverty. They're on assignment from Satan.

Unfucking believable. How the hell is this guy allowed in the country? This has got to be a joke, or planned before the coup. I mean can the State Department really be allowing this guy to come to the US?

And what in God's name is wrong with latinos in Miami? Is the FBI or the CIA putting crazy pills in the water down there? I'm ready to believe it.

This is from the website of one of the loons speaking at the convention, Ana Mendez Ferrell: http://voiceofthelight.com/VOTLM2009/AboutUS.html

As a general in spiritual warfare, Ana has coordinated many of the most important prayer initiatives in the darkest places of the earth, confronting major territorial spirits. The most difficult assault that she and her team undertook was the climbing of Mount Everest in 1997, which resulted in major spiritual breakthroughs in the 10/40 window. Ana was also the special task coordinator for operation "Queens Palace," the first worldwide prayer initiative, involving nearly 75 percent of the nations in the world in a war against a dominion of darkness known as the "queen of heaven."

Utpal Author Profile Page:

Did you notice the "Prophet" Jaime *Chávez* from Honduras?

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