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WaPo Cites Biased Honduran Press Stats in Story About Biased Honduran Press

On Thursday the Washington Post ran a story about how Hondurans can't get accurate information about their country these days because the coup regime has shut down the media outlets that don't toe the party line. In the very same story, reporter Juan Forero cites results of a recent opinion poll indicating that Hondurans support the the coup:

According to results of a Gallup poll published here Thursday, 41 percent of Hondurans think the ouster was justified, with 28 opposed to it.
Sounds like quite a split, right? And with tons of undecideds. Curious! Forero chalks it up to the fact that Hondurans are only getting one side of the story. But, ridiculously, he seems to have plucked those numbers straight from those same biased media outlets, which were, of course, just making them up, because that's what they do, according this Juan Forero story I'm reading. As the Associated Press and the New York Times report, the poll results actually tell a different story:
And a new CID-Gallup poll showed the extent of the polarization there. According to a face-to-face survey of some 1,200 people, 46 percent of Hondurans disagreed with Mr. Zelaya's ouster and 41 percent said they approved of it.
Well the Post got the "41" right I guess. True Fact: "cognitive dissonance" is worth 78 points in Scrabble.

Update: For you foreign-speakers, this link's got audio to an original interview with the pollster who clarifies that it was indeed 46-41 in Zelaya's favor. And for the record, the Honduran media lie was repeated (so far) in the Post, the Wall Street Journal, the Christian Science Monitor, UPI and Reuters.


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voline Author Profile Page:

Thank God I don't get my information from those irresponsible bloggers who just rip off their information from the reliable old media anyway.

El Cid Author Profile Page:

Edward Schumacher-Matos has an opinion column in the Washington Post all about how the Obama administration's 135 dimensional chess in Honduras is awesome while Hugo Chavez is attempting brain surgery with boxing gloves, blindfolds, and firecrackers. Ha ha, Smart Obama, Dumb Chavez! Ha ha!

But what's most interesting is how he specifically describes the violence around Zelaya's attempted return:

When three Chávez allies -- the presidents of Argentina, Ecuador and Paraguay -- sought unsuccessfully to escort Zelaya back to Honduras on Venezuelan planes, they looked irresponsible for setting off violence that resulted in one death. Clinton, meanwhile, working quietly with Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile and other moderate countries, has brought the two opposing Honduran camps together in a mediation with one of the grand old men of Latin America, Costa Rican Oscar Arias, a Nobel Peace laureate.

You see? It wasn't the Honduran military shooting people. It was those crazy Chavez allies, "setting off" violence -- i.e., by attempting to return the elected and internationally recognized President to the actual country, some sort of mysterious, un-named entity emitted violence which didn't directly kill anyone, but "resulted" in a death.

My god -- I guess I should be proud and impressed that -- at least according to this sentence diagramming -- the death squad Honduran military had little, or perhaps nothing, to do with this death.

Did Oscar Arias actually shoot somebody? Did Hugo Chavez poison a protester? We don't know.

We only know that these scalawags unleashed violence somehow, indirectly, by attempting to return the recognized, elected President to his country, and that somehow or other "violence" resulted.

It's amazing how that works.

You say Romero, I say Forero...Romero, Forero, Forero, Romero, let's call the whole thing off!

otto Author Profile Page:

Scrabble™ with a R, that is

otto Author Profile Page:

This so-called pie-eating dumbass named "Bow Revv" is obviously not telling the truth, as a Scabble™ (and please note the TM trademark icon, M. Beau Reve..show some respect please) board is a 15x15 playing surface and your phrase has 19 letters (or 20 if you include the space).

However, "dumbasspieeater" has 15 letters and if you run it down the side of the board and thus hit the three triple word spaces it scores 567 points..... i think.

'Anallyretentive' scores well too.

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