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Why Did Hugo Chavez Overthrow His Friend, In Honduras?

ottoreich.jpgSo like two weeks ago, cartoonish evildoer Otto Reich was (we're guessing) advising Honduran coup plotters how to do the overthrow thing. Reich, a master of the sinister cold war art-form, "Public Relations," was (most likely) explaining that the key to a well-received putsch is to divert people's attention to something else, and that this relatively easy what with people being complete morons. You know what? It totally works!

In the days leading up to the coup, the military was whispering all kinds of ominous gossip to their friends and neighbors, like "Hugo Chavez is supplying the ballots for this referendum", and "President Zelaya is secretly replacing his security team with VENEZUELANS." These are, of course, exactly the same rumors Reich advised Venezuelan coup plotters to spread in 2002, only then it was about Cuban infiltrators (who actually might made believably efficient security guards, I mean God gave Venezuelans many gifts but "being organized" is not among them. Whatever).

Ok then--and this was the stroke of genius--Reich (probably) advised them to be sure to kidnap/ rough up the Venezuelan ambassador during the scuffle, and actual act of war which would obviously trigger a bellicose response from Hugo Chavez. And voila! Four days into a coup in Central America, the first of its kind in 16 years, and all Simon Romero and the Wall Street Journal want to talk about is Chavez.

Bonus Fun Coup Fact of the Day:
The U.S. Ambassador to Honduras RIGHT NOW is Hugo Llorens, a Cuban refugee who served as President Bush's security advisor to the Andean region during the 2002 Venezuelan coup, "just sayin'."


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Nice. Rumor mill can be dangerous.

Big Al Author Profile Page:

@Cine: I think "in Central America" was the qualifier there. Yes, Haiti's coups were fucked. So was Venezuela's in 2002.

Cine Author Profile Page:

"Four days into a coup in Central America, the first of its kind in 16 years..."

Everyone seems to be forgetting there was a coup in Haiti in 1994 and again 2004.

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