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Congressman Wants Latino Friends, But We're Still Not Allowed In His House

chli.logo.jpgBy Revolter

The Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute (CHLI) claims that it is a "nonpartisan" nonprofit that seeks to "advance the Hispanic community's diversity of thought" by building international alliances with such moderates as former Spanish fascist and Prime Minister, Jose Maria Aznar. Naturally, they are also boyz with Honduran coup supporters from both the US and Amerrika's backyard, as proven by their 3rd craptastic Future Leaders Conference held last month in Washington, DC.

CHLI brought in the Diaz-Balart brothers, Wal-Mart, Ileana Ros-Lehtninen, Freedom House and Roger Noriega to explains to 200 young latina/o Capitol Hill sexual harassment victims interns about "Democracy in the Americas" which was way better than the original conference title, "Coup or Cool?".

An insider tells us that the kidz applauded when the unbalanced nature of the panels was pointed out, and that the whole thing ended on an awkward note when Roger Noriega denied there were any human rights abuses going on in Honduras and Peter Hakim of the Inter-American Dialogue stepped in to support his little friend in the face of the hostile, reality-based questioners.

Anyway, you should check out CHLI's heelarious 5 minute "highlight" video on their homepage which features this enlightened line from Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) around the halfway mark:

"The question I believe before us at this conference for CHLI, as we discuss democracy in the Americas, ought to be 'What role will the United States play as we struggle to expand the horizon of freedom, most especially in our front yard.'"


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Funny how they think "diversity" means something other than what it actually means, too.

(Stop me before I start to sound like Inigo Montoya!)

Bosque Author Profile Page:

Front yard? How nice. At least no one is in the "back yard" like dogs, goats, and the old furniture. Soon everyone will be allowed in the house.

I guess it is progress.

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