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The Counter-Revolution Will Not Be Organized

protest.jpgAre you celebrating world anti-Hugo Chavez day? No? OK I won't lie, you're not alone. Even after influential space robots like Facebook and Twitter spent all this time organizing important "online" marches, only a handful of people have bothered to turn up to these things in reality. But does this lack of interest concern event organizers? Probably No! The Associated Press reports:

Protest organizer Marcela Garzon in Colombia said she didn't care about the numbers. "The quantity doesn't interest us, but rather the quality," she said.
Haha (she's lying). In Honduras, where one of the biggest events was held, the anti-Chavez march was led by...coup dictator Roberto Micheletti. Quality! Messaging? These people are insane.

Oh great now even Facebook has turned against the international rich kid set, as a new anti-US intervention in Latin America page has been set up. Join now if you're into that sort of thing.


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@ElCid: Here's a yet more extended thingie:


The last clip has stuff on Vzla. Maria Conchita is also mentioned, among other things ...

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Here's the entire interview, for Spanish speakers:


El Cid Author Profile Page:

In an televised interview on Noticias Uno in Colombia (H/T TeleSUR), the ex-information technology officer of Colombia's state intelligence agency the DAS stated that President Alvaro Uribe did in fact know of the agency's illegal spying activities, that various regional DAS directors were posted at the request of regional leaders of the right wing narco-paramilitary death squads, and further, that in his view, the DAS was a major method by which Alvaro Uribe shared governance with the right wing narco-paramilitaries -- simply a part of Uribe's "political war".

Can you imagine? Can you imagine the ex-IT officer of our Homeland Security alleging a similar thing and it not being big news?

La pregunta obvia para Rafael García es si el presidente Álvaro Uribe conocía las actividades de él y de Jorge Noguera en el DAS...

Según García, el presidente sabía lo que estaban haciendo y lo impulsaba empezando por las chuzadas, que arrancaron en la administración Noguera... García invitó a las autoridades a verificar los hechos narrados por él.

Rafael García sostiene que las chuzadas han sido una herramienta de la guerra política...

Además de las escuchas ilegales, los escoltas asignados por el DAS también servían para espiar a quienes el gobierno consideraba potenciales enemigos.

Según Rafael García, los paramilitares obtenían información del DAS para atentar contra personas protegidas por el Departamento... El hombre que llevaba las listas negras al DAS, según García, se llama Álvaro Pupo.

Esas dos personas fueron asesinadas... El ex jefe de informática también asegura que las órdenes las recibía Noguera desde la Casa de Nariño, a través de Alberto Velásquez y de otros funcionarios, pero que en últimas provenían del presidente de la República.

García sostiene que presencio una reunión en la que Jorge Noguera se quejó ante el presidente porque el comandante de la Policía en el Magdalena estaba persiguiendo a los paramilitares.

También dice que varios directores regionales del DAS fueron nombrados en sus cargos por petición de los paramilitares.

Afirma que un tiempo después los paramilitares querían que Emilio Vence fuera removido del puesto, pero el presidente no quiso.

Así mismo, García asegura que a nombre del presidente, Jorge Noguera dio la orden de entregar información de una operación contra los paramilitares.

The agency DAS has been mired in scandal for months since Semana magazine revealed that it has been systematically and illegally using U.S. provided electronic surveillance equipment to provide secret information to paramilitaries, narco-traffickers, and to systematically spy on judges, prosecutors, the liberal-left political opposition, journalists, human rights workers, and god knows who else -- including a human rights observation mission from the OAS.

The last 5 directors of the DAS agency are all under arrest, and they are all appointed by the President, and yet President Uribe is still trying to play Mr. Clean Hands.

Let's return to one quote:

García sostiene que presencio una reunión en la que Jorge Noguera se quejó ante el presidente porque el comandante de la Policía en el Magdalena estaba persiguiendo a los paramilitares.


Garcia claimed that he attended a meeting in which Jorge Noguera [former DAS director now under arrest & charged with helping paramilitaries murder 2 union organizers and a professor, and the 2005 re-election campaign director for Alvaro Uribe] complained to the President because the commander of the Police in the Magdalena Medio state was persecuting the paramilitaries.

Get that straight. Magdalena Medio was infested, run by right wing paramilitaries, and any human rights worker or social organizer operated under a pretty constant death threat from these assassins.

And Mr. Clean Hands Uribe was, according to Garcia, listening to the DAS director he, Uribe appointed, and who ran his re-election campaign (now shown to have been vastly manipulated by local paramilitary extortion), complain that the police in the most paramilitary-infested region was too hard on the paramilitaries.

I've been trying to say this, and Garcia is capturing it: for Alvaro Uribe, and really, his backers in the U.S., the right wing death squad narco-paramilitaries really were a strategy of governance, and not some sort of exception.

They chose to build up this mafia to kill guerrillas, the opposition, and anyone standing in the way of large landholders and large corporations, and then they integrated them into all levels of government, though being careful about doing so indirectly.

Even Time magazine is noticing that the ongoing conflict & pro-landlord land-clearing causes 3 million + internally displaced, impoverished internal refugees in Colombia, 2nd only to Sudan in IDP's.

Ordinary Colombians are going to pay for this mafia-infested notion of democracy for a long, long, long time, and if they ever come out of it, they will thank their independent judiciary (for how much longer, who knows), a small number of courageous journalists and news sources, and some courageous political leaders.

They should also thank the thousands and thousands of civil, social, and human rights workers and lawyers putting their lives on the line every single day, often threatened by either narco-paramilitaries, the local army & police -- excuse me, 'heavily armed men in civilian clothing' I think is the preferred obscuration -- or even the narco-guerrillas. But almost no one ever thanks them.

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There was a demo here last Thursday against the bases, which included organizations like "Asociación Colombo-Euskadi", so I suppose there are Colombians opposed to the bases as well ...

Oh, and speaking of bowel movements, get a load of the CNN headline:

"Anti-Chavez marches fail to draw crowds"

How it must have pained them to admit that these trumped-up affairs were a flop!

This was the funniest line in the piece:

"In Colombia, where the idea for the demonstrations originated, marchers in Bogota blew whistles and held up signs saying 'Get out of Colombia.'"

Funny, I had no idea he was even IN Colombia. Wasn't he touring the Middle East this week? Maybe they got this demo mixed up with the anti-gringo-bases ones.

...unless you're talking BOWEL movements. In which case, it's a big one, all right!

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Seems like the world-wide tea-bagging movement isn't much of a movement.

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Actually, it's more like most Vzlans of Arab descent are Syrian (or some Levantine mix: Lebanon, Syria and Palestine). The place where he gave his speech yesterday apparently has 40% of its population with family in Vzla. And there are ppl like Saman, Chavez's commerce minister whose parents apparently live in Syria (Saman speaks Spanish like any odd Vzlan though, no accent)

They were hoping for violence. Alas, it hasn't happened. They'll have to find some other way to depose him, haha.

Meanwhile, the 'Cito is in Syria, where everyone LOVES him. Must have something to do with the renewal of OPEC under his auspices. Damn commies!

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It seems the attendees to these marches are mostly expat Vzlans. Los escualidos just won't quit!

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These virtual marches are crazy!!

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