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You Lost Me After "Taint"

TaintitFunny.jpgOMG is that coup thing still going on in Honduras? I'd almost forgotten all about it until Mel Zelaya started going door to door in DC yesterday and woke me up from my nap. And I wasn't the only one, apparently. Exactly two months and six days after Honduran democracy was frog-marched out of Tegucigalpa (in its underwear!) the U.S. State Department has finally gotten around to revoking U.S. travel visas for certain members of the junta. And then there's this from State Dept. spokesman Ian Kelly:

"A presidential election is currently scheduled for November. That election must be undertaken in a free, fair and transparent manner. It must also be free of taint and open to all Hondurans to exercise their democratic franchise. At this moment, we would not be able to support the outcome of the scheduled elections."
That is a very confusing statement you just made, Ian Kelly!

Update: Better: "The U.S. government on Thursday formally cut off millions of dollars in assistance to Honduras because of the coup that occurred two months ago, and threatened to withhold recognition of the new president who emerges from elections scheduled in November."

Update II: But naturally the IMF is rushing to fill in the gap.


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El Cid Author Profile Page:

Also, after so many years of Colombia and Colombians thinking it was their god-given right to try and stir up as much anti-Chavez activity in Venezuela as they could get away with, it's kind of funny how unhinged Colombian politicians and conservatives are at Venezuelan pro-Chavez groups organizing "Bolivarian" supporters in Colombia.

Colombia's Foreign Ministry sent a letter of protest to the Venezuelan government over the involvement of Venezuelan diplomats in a political meeting in Bogota where they were seeking support for Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez' policies and the Colombian Bolivarian movement.

According to the letter to Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro, "the Foreign Ministry has informed the government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, through its embassy in Bogota, that the participation of Venezuelan diplomats in acts of political campaigning in Colombia is unacceptable and that this kind of behavior can not be repeated."

"These acts are against the rules as established in the 1961 Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations," the letter continued.

The letter followed a report on Colombian national television that showed two embassy officials and David Corredor, presidential candidate of the Bolivarian Socialist Movement, talking to a Bogota community and calling on the community to support Chavez and his Bolivarian revolution.

The Venezuelan recently called on supporters to let his socialist message be heard more in Colombia. According to Chavez, the conservative Colombian government is trying to block his message to reach the Colombian people. For this reason, a Venezuelan border town mayor decided to build a repeater antenna allowing Chavez' weekly television program 'Alo Presidente' to reach more than a million people in the north east of the country.

I don't know yet if this will end up helping or simply giving Colombian anti-Chavez ideologues more ammunition, but it certainly finally puts the shoe on the other foot.

It's just like here -- the right thinks it has a god-given right to meddle anywhere, anyhow, anytime, and anyone they oppose has no right to do the same.

El Cid Author Profile Page:

FWIW, Zelaya is declaring that, once again, he will be returning to Honduras within days, and the Central American chamber of commerce types are quite pissed at the U.S. aid cuts, nevermind the U.S. rushing the IMF to fill the gap.

Bosque Author Profile Page:

I'm confused, that's for sure.
[Yes,No, Maybe] ... ┬┐Si o No?

File Brooksy under "unclear on the concept". A taint isn't something you can scrub, unless you're in the shower and you really spread your legs. When something's tainted, the toxins have gone all the way through.

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