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Slowest News Day Ever At the New York Times

Remember way back to last Tuesday, when we all watched that video of Michael Moore talking about Hugo Chavez, and how some of people were like damn what a stupid thing to say and others were like hey lighten up it's just a joke? Basically Simon Romero just wrote an article about that, because why not.

Update: Michael Moore has been forced to respond, via Twitter, sigh.


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I'm with Matt Hawkins on this one. Eva gets an F. If you're interested in lessening U.S. hostility toward Venezuela's political project (as all of us are), you don't attack the very kind of people (like Michael Moore and his supporters) who are capable of greater understanding of that project. That wasn't smart. Eva shouldn't have given Romero the ammunition in the first place.

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Eva G. has responded to the NYT story. She is ridiculing the NYT for running such a silly story, but if it's so trivial, why did she spill 1,000+ words over Michael Moore's silly little anecdote? And why did she give Romero a quote for an article she says should not have been written?

AIC, AUC--what's the difference? Not a dime's worth...

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So Venezuela claims to have dismantled a network of DAS (or AIC as it is now called) agents operating inside Vzla.

Michael Moore IS a revolutionary. He's calling on his fellow US citizens to hold banks and capitalists accountable, and the government, too. And he's dead serious about that. Because that's what counts, isn't it? This joke is nothing! Chavecito's a big boy, he can take care of himself--and he can certainly take a joke, because he's often out there MAKING jokes himself. (Remember, his antics at the UN have been funny on purpose twice now!)

In fact, the dude got MY attention by telling it like it is--hilariously!--about Dubya. I thought how refreshing it was that here was not only someone who wasn't afraid to say what I was thinking, but who could make me laugh out loud, too. After that, I decided I had to learn more about this big funny dude and his revolution, and I liked it. Not least because it was full of fun. The man has his own talking doll, fergawdsakes!

I'm going to give Eva an F once again. Instead of realizing her horse was a little too high, and it might be prudent to come down, she turns this into a 'you are either with the revolution or against it'. Any deviation from the Golinger-line is anti-revolutionary! Moore was not being a 'coward' - he was being Michael Moore! He does not have to go on pre-scripted Golinger-approved rants every time he is shown a picture of himself and Chavez on Jimmy Kimmel.

The joke, unless anyone missed it, was on anyone that thinks Chavez is not a human being and a 'cool' person you can hang out with. Maybe that is the problem Golinger has? Moore didn't treat Chavez as a demi-god and for that he is a coward.

I continue to fail to see what Moore did as diminishing anything that Venezuela has accomplished, nor that he wasted 5 minutes to provide an information session on Venezuela.

like many others i did not like michael moore's piece about chavez. for most us americans what moore said is "true". so moore becomes the unwitting propagandist for imperialism.

eva goliger sums it up nicely.

"It's much easier to make jokes about Chavez than tell the truth. Because almost nobody is willing to step out and risk being associated with a controversial figure like President Hugo Chavez, whether or not you secretly adore him, or like what is happening in Venezuela. Those who do are constantly attacked and threatened and harassed. Yeah, Moore is too, but this time around, he decided it wasn't "convenient" to be seen with Chavez.
All I'm saying is, if you have five minutes on national television in the US to talk about Venezuela or President Chavez, and you care or believe in the incredible changes and movements taking place in Venezuela and throughout Latin America, and you're talking about one of the world's most demonized and threatened leaders, at least say something -- one thing -- redeeming. One positive thing. One. But to use the gift of five minutes before millions of viewers who know little or nothing -- or care little or nothing -- about Venezuela and Chavez to make jokes and ridicule an already overly-ridiculed leader, it just doesn't do it for me."

to his credit, moore did the twitter about not drinking that at least somewhat pulls the rug out from under all those who took it as true.

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Golinger commented on this, too, and although I think she was incorrect not seeing this as a right-leg pulling act by Moore, she makes the good point that if you're to be the only sane person who could say anything on national TV to the average American about Venezuela and Chavez and what it's really like, maybe you shouldn't assume that the audience knows the real deal and you ought use your time to let people know a little dose about reality.

That's how I took it--as a joke--late night talk show banter--maybe some grain of truth, but mostly just a good party story. I laughed but I didn't think much of it was true, if any. So MM saying just this--he was joking around--strikes me as true.


Simon Romero has his head so far up his ass, as usual, that you wonder how he manages to tap on a keyboard. (Maybe he doesn't! Maybe he DICTATES to a slave scribe!)

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Ven oppos are gonna go crazy. They thought Moore was being literally true.

ROFLMAO! Can't you just hear it now:

"Fuuuuuuuck, he was pulling our leg all along..."

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Y'see? Toldya Rosemary is sweating on his next paycheck.

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I love MM's twitter! Haha ...

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