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Argentina Stimulates Economy With Anti-IMF Christmas Board Game!

SmashTheState.jpg Shut up, ok, it's Christmas, and we've been "busy." Anyway we're coming out of hibernation because gay banking pamphlet The Financial Times published something funny yesterday! Apparently the board game Eternal Debt (tag line: "Can You Beat the IMF?") was a top Christmas seller in Argentina again this year.

The point of the game is to help your country survive by avoiding the world's largest predatory lender, only this is made difficult by the fact that the IMF is fucking everywhere, right? Sounds like fun! So just how big a seller is this hilarious game? Let's see how the FT puts it:

"Eternal Debt has remained a niche favourite among those who still blame the IMF for leading the country into a nearly $100bn default eight years ago."
In other words, everybody in the entire country has like two of these things. Eternal Debt equals Guitar Hero plus Minesweeper times Backgammon.


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Jeezus God! Canada's got warships in that same gulf, probably patrolling for pirates. The sailors on them are sending holiday greetings via CTV to their families right now.

Imagine if Canada...nahhhhh, we wouldn't. We're not the type.

El Cid Author Profile Page:

Goose? Gander. China says that like the U.S. in Colombia, maybe it should look at opening military installations via cooperation in other countries.

Chinese admiral floats idea of overseas naval bases

Reuters | Wednesday, December 30, 2009; 3:02 AM

BEIJING (Reuters) - A Chinese rear admiral has urged the nation to set up navy supply bases overseas in an interview posted on the Ministry of Defense website after China paid ransom to free a ship held for nine weeks by Somali pirates.

China has operated patrols for a year now in the narrow Gulf of Aden, escorting Chinese and foreign ships through waters menaced by pirates operating off the Somali coast.

But coal and ore shipping lanes off the east coast of Africa have proved harder to defend. The De Xin Hai, captured 700 nautical miles east of Somalia in October, was ransomed for $4 million on Sunday.

Reflecting on the hardships endured by the Chinese patrol ships in the anti-piracy effort, Rear Admiral Yin Zhou floated the idea of bases abroad to support the vessels. (http://news.mod.gov.cn)

"This is entirely a matter for the country's foreign policy circles, but I feel that would be appropriate if we could have a relatively stable, fixed base for supplies and maintenance," said Yin, who is director of an advisory committee for the Chinese navy's drive to upgrade information technology...

..."I think countries near any relatively long-term supply bases established by China, and other countries participating in the escort mission, could understand," he said, adding that would be more affordable than re-supplying via ship on the high seas.

Asian neighbors have been monitoring China's international deployments for signs of the country's rising global status translating into a more assertive foreign policy and presence.

I wouldn't be surprised if the nutright soon began accusing Hugo Chavez of building a massive Chinese base, presuming bigmouth Hugo himself doesn't launch himself out there and make that as a cocky remark first.

Zombie, according to some places. Could have started, though, as someone hitting the Z instead of the shift key, knowing those excitable internauts...

Utpal Author Profile Page:

What´s the "Z" in ZOMG?

Detailed post about the "Eternal Debt" board game in Argentina, at Democratic Underground in 2004. Explains the game and its rules. It is bitterly funny.

"...despite the game's rules, the outcome is always the same: the IMF gets back way more than it ever loaned out, every player winds up indebted and in crisis. And the game ends with all the players but one declaring or being forced into bankruptcy. The 'winner' is left impoverished and hopelessly buried in debt."




FT makes you register to get more of the article. I don't do nazi sites like that. I was trying to find out what sales actually were this Christmas, and came across the DU explanation.

Somebody ought to create a game called "OIL!" to expose "The Project For A New American Century" that all those country-wrecking neo-Cons signed and that the Pentagon is still working on, with all these military assets that it is establishing around Venezuela's main oil reserves and facilities. How much oil can you gain control of, if you have a whomping big war machine, and can you gain control of enough of it before your war machine runs out of fuel?

The Financial Times haz Teh Ghey? ZOMG!!!

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