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Fakey Honduran Elections Now Even Faker!

Back in late November, when the illegal Honduran coup regime held their pretend "election" thingy, nobody bought their shit, right? The whole entire world refused to recognize the result b/c duh it was all run by a massively oppressive police state and without any international observers. At the time, only the U.S. State Department spoke out in favor of the vote. Of course normally they wouldn't endorse such a sketchy-ass plebiscite, but this one was different, see, because of the participation. Specifically:

"Turnout appears to have exceeded that of the last presidential election. This shows that given the opportunity to express themselves, the Honduran people have viewed the election as an important part of the solution to the political crisis in their country."
Naturally this turnout was completely made up, based on some statement by a coup spokesman. At the time all the "alternative" new outlets (i.e. ones who check facts) noted how sketchy this all was, but the mainstream press just passed it on as fact because whatever, right?

Now, one month later, CNN reports that the voter turnout was only around 50%, "a figure much lower than the 61 percent officially estimated by the electoral tribunal on election day." Haha "much"!

So how could this have possibly happened? Basically it was all complex serious of events mainly involving "lying" and "nobody asking questions". Or as one anonymous "electoral consultant" puts it:

"They gave out those numbers without any substantive evidence...there was no substantive methodology behind their projections."
Duh. Anyway, journalism!


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Well, if this is any indication,


Mel's not budging.

Gorilletti is just shitting us, again.

El Cid Author Profile Page:

Proceso Digital reports that Micheletti has announced his resignation in exchange for an agreement by Venezuela to grant "asylum" to Zelaya. Not seeing this any where else.

corvad Author Profile Page:

tis the season to give thanks for the critical Latam blogosphere, serving the double function of collecting evidence of gringo mala prensa and linking to actual facts, figures, reporting, and all that good stuff. thanks borev and all the terribly helpful commenters! you are reaching people ...

LOL...no doubt. I meant "butthurt" as in "from being kicked".

Utpal Author Profile Page:

Bina, being butthurt isn't always that bad, depending on how one does it, haha! :)

NewsWEAK always did suck at predicting. I say Fidel lives to be 100, and dies thumbing his nose at Miami, and Cuba stays Cuban, Venezuela stays Bolivarian, and golpistas stay butthurt.

Utpal Author Profile Page:

So according to Newsweek, Fidel Castro is gonna die next year and Venezuela will have a coup and fall into "shortages, poverty and chaos".

Utpal Author Profile Page:

This could make a borev post, though one needs to know Spanish:


People remember the old Globovision show of Leopoldo Castillo with gorilla grunts in the background with Mugabe visiting, right? The above is a link with a clip from the same TV station with some samples of new and improved racism. Enjoy (sic)!

Utpal Author Profile Page:

Thanx, Pablito!

Happy Holidays!

Have you finished shopping for your favourite politician, celebrity, banker, or CEO?

They've been such good little members of our illuminati overlord class.
I say, skip shopping at Wal-Mart this year.
Since they already own it, it'd be like gifting your kid a toy he already had.

Instead, give them something they NEED.
Give them something they DON'T HAVE.
Give the gift of MUSIC!

YouTube - A White Christmas

Buyer beware: This gift produces strong reactions.
Rumour has it that it caused Prince William to sleep in the cold London streets.

Well...seeing as we're only supposed to say good things about the dead, here's mine:

Good, he's dead.

Utpal Author Profile Page:

In other news, Rafael Caldera is finally dead. He was said to be dying and in fact rumored to be dead while he was president. A radio/TV psychic was also jalied once for predicting his death.

Requiescat in pace.

El Cid Author Profile Page:

Counting the number of votes is a sign that you've given in to Zelaya-Chavismo.

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