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Speaking of Rigged ...

Meanwhile back in Honduras, we learn that the coup government just sort of banked on the fact that the TV networks and the newspapers and the leaders of the free world simply wouldn't bother fact checking their phony turnout numbers. Safest bet ever, turns out! Crazy-making video below:


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Bosque Author Profile Page:

OMFG!!! Did I just read something to the tune of the 70's "Rapper's Delight"?!!?

Wow it brings back memories! Apropos.

When that song came out I was in Panamá and can't recall exactly if it came out before or after the exploding plane & subsequent coup but IIRC, it was after. [IIRC, Pink Floyds' "The Wall" definitely came before the coup.]

And oh, the horror...look what else Chavecito is up to:


I wonder...has Transparency International taken a gander at this?


It must be shocking to hear a nation's attorney general explaining the process of prosecution of crooked bankers.

He comes bearing a one-way ticket for Zelaya. From Tegucigalpa to Brasília.

Departing when Brazil decides to sell out.

Utpal Author Profile Page:

The imminent demise of Venezuela's economy is a favorite pastime of the international press, blogs, etc. etc. Like, at the beginning of every year Vanguardia, a major Spanish newspaper (Barcelona) does the "Venezuelans are about to run out of food" routine; interviewing the usual people who make these predictions ...

Utpal Author Profile Page:

So it looks like Arturo Valenzuela is going to visit the Mercosur countries. Any guesses what about?

Otto read the word "rigged" here & did a post on "rigs" over there:

Reading BoRev's like taking an inspiring toke!
(I think that's a great catchphrase, no?)

Utpal Author Profile Page:

[That was a piece on Gore Vidal on Obama from a few months ago]

Utpal Author Profile Page:

Following up on the last comment:

He says that another of Obama's mistakes is that he "believes the Republican Party is a party when in fact it's a mindset, like Hitler Youth, based on hatred -- religious hatred, racial hatred. When you foreigners hear the word 'conservative,' you think of kindly old men hunting foxes. They're not -- they're fascists."

In giving advice to President Obama, Vidal cites President Lincoln, who "wrote to one of his generals in the South after the Civil War" 'I am President of the United States. I have full overall power and never forget it, because I will exercise it.' That's what Obama needs -- a bit of Lincoln's chill."

Utpal Author Profile Page:

Here's a report from Prensa Latina:

Washington, 9 dic (PL) El congresista republicano James Sensenbrenner informó hoy que viajará a Copenhague para subrayar que el Congreso estadounidense no apoyará al presidente Barack Obama en reducir las emisiones de gases causantes del efecto invernadero.

Sensenbrener anunció a la televisora Fox News que tiene la intención de despejar dudas sobre las intenciones del Legislativo de Washington, para evitar falsas expectativas ante cualquier promesa que pueda hacer Obama en la Cumbre de Cambio Climático.

A juicio del congresista, existe una especie de fascismo científico para imponer restricciones a la industria, y escribió al presidente del Panel Intergubernamental sobre Cambio Climático, Rajendra Pachauri, para exigir que no use algunos datos.

Según él, estudios filtrados recientemente a la opinión pública han sido manipulados, algo que respaldan otros políticos conservadores con la teoría conspirativa de que los ecologistas quieren crear caos para ganar adeptos y apoyo político.

Utpal Author Profile Page:

I am a queue-one gynecologix AND an american autoserlman!

Turn up the mic in here.

This is a throw-down!
A showdown!
Hell no, I can't slow down!!
It's gonna go...
Redde! EH! Caesari! quae sunt Caesariiisssss!!
Now I am Paul Esco, and I'd like to say hello!
To Obama, Castro, Chavez, & Evo!
Let's rock, you don't stop,
Ita diis placuit, & I made your body rock!

That's right.
Shouts out to all my Asterix comics!
Can't forget my man Obelix.
I'm OUT!

Sine sapientia, bona fortuna nihil est.

Re: "that's proletariaN revolution, hun"

I'm glad the Soviet Union died, & took your commie-science-jargon to the grave with them.

Why didn't the Romans do the same? I'm barely passing Latin as it is.

O fortunates nimium, sua si bona norint agricolas...

Ain't that the truth!

Want some surrealism? Check out the blahblah in the second segment here:


Bolivia is better in SPITE of Evo? Only in Locolandia...

otto Author Profile Page:

Well ma'am, I'm not a gynaecologist as such, but I don't mind looking into it if you want.

Utpal Author Profile Page:

Or better yet, "I am a Que-one gynecologics and an American autosellman!"

Utpal Author Profile Page:

Or, "I am a gynecologics AND a use car sellsman!"

Utpal Author Profile Page:

Oh, and that's proletariaN revolution, hun!

Utpal Author Profile Page:

One of those is Chavez releasing some GAS, as Pablo Escobar would say :)

Sorry for hijacking BoRev & turning it into my personal Bolivarian Twitter service. But I just had to tweet...

I'll never understand Americans who can demean Cuba on the one hand, but then claim that they're the GodFathers behind Lat Am's [insert colour of love] tide...

For some isolated & backwards commies, they seem to have made [as Larry David would say] some pretty, preeeety, prrreeetttyyy smart investments:




Okay, maybe "investments" isn't the right word.
I'm sure the Cubans would call it "Allocation of popular resources in Latin America for make benefit glorious socialist proletariat revolution!"

Either way... :)
Thems some smart commies!

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