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Titulares & Asininity

  • Wall Street Journal crazylady declares WAR, on PEACE, in Colombia.
  • Chaos, death, and military coups for Latin America: Newsweek has published its annual Christmas wish list!
  • Hey look it's a Colombia vs. Venezuela chess set! On the Uribe side, "the rooks are represented by U.S. government aircraft platforms," heh.
  • Venezuela's own Maestros del Joropo Oriental are nominated for Latin Album of the Year at the Independent Music Awards, and you can vote. Seriously are you going to let some fucking Texans win?


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I think that "John Lemeiux" was supposed to be "George Lemieux"

Oh, and check out the human rights in the newly democratic Honduras:


A journalist has been kidnapped and is being held in a secret jail. Surely that's not legal...?

Utpal Author Profile Page:

They always manage to find Colombians who do weird shit. There was something similar some time ago, with statuettes of various famous people.

Is it just my weak eyes, or is the Venezuelan side of that chessboard a lot handsomer than the other?

BTW, Newsreek's crystal ball is cracked.

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I just voted without listening. Joropo top, fuckin Texans last!

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