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Dear Brazil, WTF? We Treated You Like Family

nannystate.jpgFor the last thousand years or so, the United States has led the world on its March toward Freedom with such unique innovations as the free market and the three-fifths compromise and the Snuggie, only to find that sometimes the Free World just cold stabs us in the back or otherwise tragically refuses to embrace our awesomeness.

Now we find out Brazil is inexplicably ignoring its Jeffersonian values by...talking with Chinamen? This is an utter betrayal, obvs, but also it is super confusing, for journalists. Honestly sometimes there is no helping these coloreds.


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And then there's this:


Warning: gross bit near the end.

Utpal Author Profile Page:

I just cooked up a Fosforera .... mmmmmmm ... levantamuertos!

Utpal Author Profile Page:

Yeah, that's funny.

Speaking of the east wind & snuggies...

Bill Maher Snuggie


I bet Carla (the maid) has a poster of Mao which reads:
"The east wind prevails over the west".
Why else does she put up with the likes of Don & Betty?

According to that FT editorial, every major world leader is like Carla.

Here's the trailer to Zamora:


Hmm... Interesting that blue caps (union) were so much in fashion in those days.

What is a "strategically important democracy"?


"Four of the biggest and most strategically important democracies in the developing world – Brazil, India, South Africa and Turkey – are increasingly at odds with American foreign policy." --Financial Slimes

(Now, if they made one with mittens, I might be sold...)

It's a blanket with sleeves. A slanket, in other words.

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what's a snuggie? (sounds diaper-ish)

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Okay, so one of the first Hugowood productions is a Goya finalist. (Chalbaud's "Zamora")

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