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Freedom's Just Another Word For...Bechtel On the Loose

Freedom House.jpgWorld-renowned fake NGO "Freedom Haus" released its annual fake Freedom Report this week. Once again, Bolivia has been downscaled to "partly free," a designation it has held since earlier this decade. Before that it was just plain old "free."

What changed? In the ensuing years, the country elected its first indigenous president, dramatically increased the economic, political and social mobility of its population and oh yes one other small thing...finally ended the practice of actual RACE BASED SLAVERY that had been in place since the colonial period.

On the other hand, Bolivia has tightened regulations on foreign extractive corporations, et voila: less free! See how this works? Way to go, Freedom! You are totally on the march.


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Evo vs Corpratists

Avatar scared the hell out of the corpratists.

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Yeah yeah :) My nonlinguist friends make that joke all the time :P

Such a cunning linguist, you are...

Utpal Author Profile Page:

Eric, that's "cognitive dissonance", not "cognative". (although one could make some joke about "cog-native", oh well :)

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