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Jackson Diehl: "Peep Peep Polls Peep Crumble Crumble Chavez Die, Peep!"

washingtonpeepscropped.jpgOk listen up 'cause Jackson Peep has something to say again, guys! Today the Washington Post published another hilarious rant from the grumpy old editorial board grumpbutt about how the Venezuelans are just about to turn against Hugo Chavez any minute now--only for realz this time, ok?

Followers of the Jackson Diehl oeuvre will remember that Chavez was totally on the cusp of being shitcanned two years ago over his economic policies. The polls said so! In November 2007 it was the HUMILIATION following dumb comments from the King of Spain that signaled his impending end. In March of that year the RCTV flap was going to do him in any day now. The polls, the polls! Those glorious/portentous/uncited polls! This time (again!) they are irrefutable proof that Chavez is super unpopular this month:

But Chavez's approval ratings are still sinking: They've dropped to below 50 percent in Venezuela and to 34 percent in the rest of the region.
See?! This time around it is the Haiti earthquake and um, a drought that will be Chavez's undoing. Also Chile elected a right winger so that means something important, too, either for Venezuela or "the rest of the region," that part was confusing.


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Re Kozloff. He has a sneaky lefty veneer that seemed to fool even venezuelanalysis. It's prep for these hit pieces on Chavez, I think. Suck everybody in, then boom. I wrote a letter-to-ed dissent about it a while back (published at VA), but I still wasn't sure about him.

I tried to nail it down again, here, recently:

He's used the "unhinged" thing twice now--in the article QueenBina cites, and in the one I analyzed recently.

It can be quite difficult to spot these kind of psyops in the written word, because it's always so appalling to see humanity's greatest accomplishment--language--so bent. You don't want to believe the contortion you are looking at. You can dismiss the raving uremic poison cases at the Wall Street Urinal, for instance, as dark comedy. It's so totally evil, it's funny. But Kozloff makes you squirm and utter despairing sighs for a 'fallen' intellect--someone who might have served to enlighten humanity but, with a certain cleverness at seeming to do so, chooses not to.

Speaking of things rearing ugly heads:


Another Kozloff hit piece. Tell him to read BeauRĂªve, somebody, please!

Bosque Author Profile Page:


I see that creature's ugly head is rising again.

In the US, the FCC would have pulled their license for the racist stuff a long time ago. Not to mention owners being hanged for treason.

Problem with Chavito is he's too damn nice when it comes to people who instigated a coup.

Remember what happened to the Generals of the CSA ... they all lost their citizenship when they should have lost their heads. At least Lee et al went about their business quietly after their shit. Those RCTV screws don't know how to shut up.

Well, why not...the 'Cito gets along well with anyone who doesn't give him reason to do otherwise.

Besides, he knows damn well that his banana is bigger than Berluscoglioni's.

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Ya know Chavez has very good relations with Berlusconi for some reason ... that's a *very* odd couple :)

Utpal Author Profile Page:

Chavez is reading Garibaldi to a bunch of ENI executives ... hehe

Ya know, ya don't have very many heads of state like him these days ...

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Well, there's the RCTV bullshit again ... arghhhhhhhh

Great job on that "earthquake weapon" bullshit, BoRev! :)


Here's a great quote:
(on the recent Supreme Court decision allowing corporations to donate unlimited amounts to politicians):

We saw the devastating effects of big business's hold on government with the robber barons and the Great Depression in the early 20th century, but the corporations reconstituted and waited with an inhuman silver-dude-from-Terminator-2-like patience.

Love the T2 reference. So true.

Buddy's name is Adam McKay, he wrote the "Anchorman" & "Step Brothers" movies - and created the "Funny or Die" site. Here's his entire post at HuffingtonPost.

He ends with another great line:

Benito Mussolini created the word "fascism." He defined it as "the merging of the state and the corporation." He also said a more accurate word would be "corporatism." This was the definition in Webster's up until 1987 when a corporation bought Webster's and changed it to exclude any mention of corporations.

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yo boooorev...what about the foto you got there of Jackson d with all them teeth? I lurve that one.

C'mon...update the post for me....c'mon....

Mmmm...mummified marshmallow pie. My favorite!

Srsly, though: Does this look like "crumbling" to any of you?


(Well, maybe the bits with the oppos in them. But they've been crumbling since day one of Chavecito's political campaign, so that's no news.)

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well said, Utpal

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