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More Terrible Death-Video From The Bloodless Coup

Yesterday Honduras' pretend President Pepe Lobo was sworn in. Earlier in the day actual democracy president Manuel Zelaya was forced into exile in the Dominican Republic, in a WIN for the United States, yay.

Anyway here is a sad video about the bloodless coup and all the people it killed and maimed. "Never forget," etc. etc.


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LOL, that's the second newly coined verb I've heard this week. The other was "tuítear"--to Twitter.

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Bina: you got it! (at least that's what I think, and the context would support that interpretation). He was basically saying something to the effect that the state media need to make an effort to lead the agenda, rather than always responding to the oppos (though that has to be done when necessary). It was addressed to Blanca Eekhout (probably not to her personally, but he did name her, probably because she is the minister).

"Engrinchar" = to be made into a Grinch?

That would be my best guess...

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Don't ya love Chávez's new coinage "engrinchar"? (no nos dejemos engrinchar)(I'll leave you to guess what it means)

1. I can now die happy.

2. That video made me cry.

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This one is important. Mass grave in Colombia with possible 2000 bodies there made by the army in period 2005 to present day.


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Which press agency does Eric Farnsworth work for?

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