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My Day w/ The Despot, By Elder Brinton


Oh my gosh, guys! Elder Tate Brinton from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints "Mission to Tegucigalpa" totally met Honduran strongman Roberto Micheletti this weekend and it was so neat! See what happened is that Brinton's got a friend who has a friend who cleans the dictator's house, right? So they got a tour and the fake president--who came to power in a coup last summer--even came out and shook their hand and everything! But like a lunkhead Elder Brinton totally forgot to have a Book of Mormon on hand and wasn't able to give one to the guy who officially ended democracy in Honduras, forever. Sheesh, guy, what a fudge-up! Anyways then they went and ate. It was a fun day!! More pictures here!


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Latvia needs to do what Botswana did--kick the IMF to the curb. That's the only way to keep the boot of their economy's neck.

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Pablo Escobar: everytime you see Schloppenheimer refer to his "opinion", always remember that the guy's claim to fame is to have predited (Fidel) Castro's Final hour come in a book he wrote in 1993. The guy's cluelessness goes way way back.

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I thought Whitebread was still in Latvia. Did Schlockenheimer actually reach him there to interview him?

Heh...Whaddya know, Weisbrot rules!

And yep, consumer prices are not doubling. The 'Cito has exhorted citizens to report speculators, and they're doing just that. Aporrea, La Hojilla, etc. are all buzzing with denunciations of price-gouging retailers who thought they could use the deval to pull the wool over the people's eyes. Sorry, Charlie--Venezuelans are now all educated and literate. They can do the math!

CEPR's Dean Baker crashed the party way back in 2002, warning us that the bubbly would burst.

That gave the funky bunch a bad rep (even tough the roof burned & people lost their cribs).

So it's about time they sent out Marky Mark Weisbrot to spread good vibrations.

That fine slice of white bread tells Andres Oppenheimer:

Mark Weisbrot, an economist with the left-of-center Washington, D.C.-based Center for Economic and Policy Research who generally supports Chávez's policies, told me that the experience from Brazil's 1998 devaluation and Argentina's 2002 devaluation shows that devaluations often have a positive economic impact.

``The Venezuelan devaluation is not going to come even close to doubling consumer prices,'' Weisbrot said. ``On the contrary, it will stimulate the economy, and it will increase the revenues available for the government.''

Of course, the first ten paragraphs weren't clear enough...so Mr. Wilson must stress his opinion to MARTHHHAA!!!:

My opinion: In most other Latin American countries, given sound economic management, devaluations can be handled without causing hyper-inflation. But Venezuela imports virtually everything its consumes, including most of its food, which will drive importers to increase prices and further drive up inflation.

My opinion: Pass the Courvoisier

Me too. My best friend's bro is one.

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I'm sure most of them are closet cases. I know a couple of ex-mormon preachers who eventually came out and stuff.

LOL--I was just wondering the same. Maybe the word got 'round at Mormon HQ: "Hey you guys! Let's all move down to beautiful fascist Honduras--they'll let us be polygs again there!"

(I still say that Rainbow Tie Guy has an interesting secret, though...)

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How many wives does Elder Brinton have?

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What the yuk is on that sandwich? Glen Beck's brain matter?

PS: What's up with Rainbow Tie Guy behind Gorilletti, there? My gaydar just went off the scale!

Well, what else can one expect from a bunch of people believe their first "prophet" was visited by an "angel" named Moroni?

Also, Juanes is now officially a putschist douche. Not that we hadn't guessed it already...

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It's not just the quantity, it actually looks gross!

omfg that link is soooo fucking unbelievably amazing.


BTW I'm in Honduras and this coup regime is more fucked up than I had even expected.

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Mormons....bless 'em.

First one to go to the "we met the president of honduras" post that da boooorev linked and comment..

"no you freakin' didn't, dumbass, the prez is in the Brazil embassy and you met a thieving coupster dickhead"

....wins a pie

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