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Oops: Footage of Iranian Repression Turns Out To Be Just Another Day in Honduras

HondurasBaseejed.pngHey will you check out this brutal image of police repression in Iran? It is very terrifying, yet strangely inspiring, what with the brave idealistic kids facing down the armed goons of dictatorship.

When it ran on the France 2 teevee channel last it was meant to document the widespread human rights abuses carried out by the Baseej at the behest of an illegitimate government only.. haha oops. Turns out the picture is from Honduras, and the abuses carried out against the idealistic kids are coming from our new Central American allies. Awkward. Anyway the point is there's nothing to look at here folks, carry on.


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OMG, good catch. Who knew that women had the right to bare arms in Iran? And bare HEADS? Not the media, that's for sure...

Bosque Author Profile Page:

The lady with the big rock wearing a house dress pretty much says this ain't Iran - but, you know, who am I anyway.

Well, there goes that "democratic" image. Guess those who stole Tegucigolpe are gonna have to try harder.

El Cid Author Profile Page:

How on Earth could the French so badly mix up brave youth fighting for FREEDOM with Chavez-hypnotized enraged mobs committing terrorism to destroy DEMOCRACY? It's a mist-tree.

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