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Poll! Who's Exploited the Haitian Earthquake In the Most Ridiculous Way "SO FAR"?

Time was, you'd have to wait months following a major global tragedy before the douchebag commentary started to flow (Haha not really--how many Challenger Astronauts will fit in a Volkswagen, anyway?) It's been just one short week after the most devastating natural disaster our Hemisphere has ever seen, and everybody is just awful. But who is the worst? Here's a rundown of the contenders:

Jesus Freaks. Forget Pat Robertson. Today the president of Compassion International (!) helpfully explained the upside of this mindboggling tragedy. It might end voodoo! Naturally this "could only come about through an interruption like this and only happen through the glory of God." Interruption. FYI these are the same fucknuts who criticized an aid cutoff to the Honduran coup gov't.

Immigration Asshats. Steve King wants to deport all the Haitians in the U.S. immediately and make them act as aid workers for their own good. Fox News was basically Fox News, also.
Rush Limbaugh. He was all blah blah blah don't send money to the Negros because it helps Obama. Whatever. Rush Limbaugh. You will not be in our poll.
The IMF. Ah yes, let's take this opportunity to fundamentally completely screw over the Haitian people for another 200 years and make ourselves richer in the meanwhile because why not let's just be comic book supervillains.
So what do you think kids? Who is the most terriblist here? Clearly we'll be revisiting this theme.


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Sending Dubya to do humanitarian aid in Haiti is like sending the bull back into the china shop he wrecked...with only a token amount of cash tied to his horns to pay for the damage.

I thought Blivet* getting into it was pretty tacky.


*("Heckava job, Brownie." "Mission Accomplished." That Blivet.)

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