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Porkin'. It's What's for Dinner


Cristina, meet PETA. PETA, Cristina. All in all a bad day for Viagra.


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I find the chicken in Spain strange tasting. But they have the pork that's fed "bellota" which is good.

That's funny. But I have heard rumors they are now feeding soybeans to the cows (just like in the US) and the quality may be going down...

I remember Brazilian and Argentinian beef being the best tasting in the whole world. But if they aren't feeding them grass anymore... Cows were not made to eat grains. They get sick.

I find the beef in the US tasteless. The pork, too.

Looks like someone just gave "porking" a whole new meaning. Oink, oink...

Meanwhile, I have it on good authority that a diet based on soybeans is a major libido-wrecker for the dudes. Too much phytoestrogen makes Jack a dull boy in bed even if his cholesterol has never been lower. Plus it grows MOOBS! Who'da thunk? Maybe Klishtina was onto something after all...

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oh...nearly forgot:

pork pie!

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back-story necessary here, booorev. Argentina version 2010 looks like running short of beef, due to the massive switch of farmland away from cattle herding and to soybean production. The beef industry there is already waring of shortages and soon to be rising prices for the food of choice for Argentines (apart from Uruguay, no other country in the world eats more beef per capita). So Cristina is laying the foundations for a switch to schweinefleisch by appealing to the libidos of the wives of her faithful Peronista descamisados.

End of reason for this episode.

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