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Quote for the Day

"Latin America is not swinging in one direction or another; it is swinging in many different directions at the same time," said Michael Shifter, the vice president of the Inter-American Dialogue, a policy research group in Washington.

Did you know that the election of right wing billionaire Sebastián Piñera in Chile is evidence of a growing Latin bi-curiousity? Haha... Shifter's normally just a banal quote machine but sometimes he's an anal quote machine...Swingers parties and fascist sympathies? It's like the 70's never ended down there...we could go on all night....


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Oh gawd. Panama really IS a banana republic now, if that's who his model is.


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Dijo "No hay muchos Uribe en América Latina" (menos mal)
Presidente de Panamá dice que Álvaro Uribe es su "inspiración"

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VTV is carrying Evo's investiture live! It's great ...

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Okay, a question. Are there countries that have laws that put caps on profit margins?

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One has to admit though, that this is the first time Shiftah has said something nonbanal, if only unintentionally :)

What would we do without you BoRev?

I dunno, but I don't like his eyes.

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Is Shiftah a pooftah?

"For Piñera, however, the win has more than just historical significance. It’s also meant a huge personal payoff for the mogul/politico, who has seen his extensive stock portfolio – which includes a controlling stake in Chilean airline leader LAN – balloon in recent days.

On Monday Jan. 18, the day after the election, the value of Piñera’s personal investment firm – Axxion – jumped some 12 percent. The holding company shot up another 21 percent Tuesday, forcing the Chilean market to actually suspend transactions of the stock. On Wednesday, however, trading on Axxion resumed, rising again to reach a three-day accumulative gain of 40 percent.

So far it’s not clear exactly how much money the president-elect has pocketed from the stock surge. Some news outlets put the figure at several hundred million dollars, a not unreasonable estimate given that even before the Axxion bonanza, which began in earnest following Piñera’s Dec. 13 victory in Chile’s first-round presidential election, the 19 percent stake in LAN controlled by the investment firm was valued at approximately US$1 billion."

I wish democracy made me hundreds of millions of dollars in a few days...

Actually no wait, I wish democracy returned a government that would provide greater access to education, healthcare (in all areas), unemployment insurance, environmental protection, higher minimum wage, and greater social equality. But then again I'm just an ignorant socialist and don't get commonsense - one man making billions of dollars, makes everyone happier even the starving-homeless kid!

It's called "Swing Kids", so yeah, it's real all right. But it's about German teens who like jazz music, that's all.

BTW, Piñera sounds like he's very well trained in playing with foreign objects in his ass, so undoubtedly he'll be a hit at all the Washington parties. Uribe and Twobreakfasts will be supplying the cocaine, whatsisname from Mexico will bring the fajitas, Piñera will do the XXX-rated table dancing.


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Isn't there a movie about Swingers in Nazi Germany or sumpn?

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