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Venezuela Rocked By 7.2 Magnitude Rumor!

Tsunami.jpgHey here is something that only happens every other week or so! The news is reporting on something maddeningly crazy that Hugo Chavez has said, only when you conduct your own independent investigation involving sophisticated journalistic techniques (Google) you find out that it is all, in fact, complete bullshit. Here's how it worked this time, pretty much exactly like it works every other time:

1. Some Venezuelan blogger wrote a weird story about the U.S. causing the Haiti earthquake with some sort of earthquake weapon.

2. A website operated by a Venezuelan state TV channel included a link to the post in their roundup of Haiti coverage from all over the country.

3. Some right-wing newspaper in Spain published a story about the link, referring to it as a Venezuelan state "press release."

4. Fox News reports the Spanish story, saying the earthquake weapon claim comes from "Hugo Chavez' mouthpiece."

5. Randomly, Vladimir Putin's English language teevee channel Russia Today claims that Chavez himself made the statement. This video report is picked up all over the fucking place, Drudge sirens!!

6. Right wing news "analysts" opine about what level of threat this represents to the United States.

Bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb etc. etc. Repeat.


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Jesus, even Nikolas Kozloff is propagating this rumor now. That's another "leftist" commentator off my list.

As yet--nowhere.

However, I wouldn't put it past the Pentagon to take advantage of natural disasters as a means of "winning the hearts and minds" through propaganda. That's nothing new at all.

Wasn't it the Ruskies who started it? And we know they're loonytunes. They have a president (or whatever his title is these days) who disrobes to show his muscles.

That's the bizarre trail people were following at the blog I blog at, that it all started with Russian scientists and some study they did about devil weapons the Americans were developing, and that was linked for some reason at a Venezuela state site and from there it leaped into Chavez's mouth via a weapon that Cuba is developing based on Haitian Voodoo, that went haywire. (It was intended to make quack sounds come out of Bush Jr's mouth when Obama trotted him out, with Bill Clinton, as heads of the US occupation of Haiti, er, the Haiti corporate relief project, er....)

Speaking of Voodoo, did you see the Pat Robertson Voodoo Doll at Ebay? Last I saw, the bids were up to $700. Alas, it appears to be gone now, I don't know if because it sold or if because it was censored. You can at least see the item here:

Sorry I wasn't patient enough to sit on this rocker the 12hours to wait for your superior post.


So nice, you posted it twice? Wow. That IS some rumor!

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