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Blogger Down

Eesh, Here goes another day without a BoRev post. Happy first day of the rest of your life! Sorry people. Work is insane. Many hours. Many airplanes. Too little beer. Anyway there is always that nice web site about the Incas, and also Duderwhatsit. And Bina always has funny things to say!!! Come back later? Like next week?


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BoRev, what are you?
One of the passengers from Oceanic Flight 815?

"Left wing"?




Teochorro hasn't been a leftist since he abandoned the guerrillas. And certainly not since he was Rafael Caldera's finance minister, and his right-wing policies ran the country into the ground.

Plus there's the little matter of how he resurrected his late mother in order to get her signature on a fat cheque to himself. But we won't talk about THOSE things, oh no, no no...

Meet Rosemary's newest baby:

An entire article that's based on this one quote:
Teodoro Petkoff Malec, a former Marxist guerrilla and one of Venezuela’s leading intellectuals who now edits Tal Cual, a left-wing opposition newspaper, reported that a dossier prepared by Cuba’s intelligence service might have crystallized the purge.

Seriously, every claim and theory in that article leads back to our beloved "Marxist Guerilla" & "left wing opponent".

I remember when RoseMary carried the demon seed.
Now she's just stealing them.

Gawd, even in uniform, those Miameros look lame. US tax dollars at work...


You guys haven't heard?
He's from Miami, b*tch!

The only thing they're known for is p*ssy.
cough! bay of pigs! cough!
cough! Maria Conchita cough!

So naturally, Twitter & talk radio are their weapons of choice.

They don't do well man-to-man, much less with guns:

Obviously he doesn't give a rat's ass about all those dead peasants. After all, they're not buying his concert tickets.

Bosque Author Profile Page:

Mkay, but what does Juanes think about mass graves? Pro, con, indifferent?

Bosque Author Profile Page:

All I have to say is *Denver Airport* transfer ... beer galore! [Conveniently located next to the SWA BWI flight]

I doubt very much that she'll win. Her well-known antidemocratic shenanigans make this whole thing a joke.

Utpal Author Profile Page:

Yeah, but apparently because she wants to be a candidate for MP. (This is funny, after years of complaining about the alleged unreliability of elections)

Dang, I am gonna be SO fucking busy translating shit tonight. La Machado is OUT? Ye gods and little fishes!

otto Author Profile Page:

too little beer is a significant problem and airplanes suck.

Get well soon, boooorev.

Utpal Author Profile Page:

BoooReVVV you are missing some earthquakes in Vzla's opposition ... Ravell just resigned from Globovisión, followed by Maria Corina Machado resigning from Súmate!!!!! Ah those legs!

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