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Jackson Diehl Is BUSTED for LYING, About Colombia, Like Always

eviljacksondiehl.jpgThis will not shock you, not even a little:

[The stupid Washington Post ed board] refers to these deals as "free trade" agreements even though an important part of both deals involves increasing protectionist barriers in the form of patent and copyright protection. This increased protection will raise costs and lead to increased economic distortions.
Haw haw. Fucking economists and their technical technicalities. Also: "The Post has a long history of making things up to promote trade agreements..." GOOD ARTICLE.


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El Cid Author Profile Page:

Remember, Jackson Diehl is the guy who literally made up words in order to make the captured FARC laptops seem to directly connect Hugo Chavez to aiding the FARC.

He actually added in words like "dollars" and "millions" and changed terms to mean "Hugo Chavez" when such terms were not in the original documents as released by Colombia's own weekly magazine Semana.

He's purely a liar given to reprint whatever Uribe's government and press offices hand him.

Utpal Author Profile Page:

She had braces then.

Explosive video here:


Check the latter half of the third segment, and all of the fourth. Patricia Poleo, putschista extraordinaire, tells all! Did they slip her some truth serum in her shot of meth, or what?

Epic Photoshop Win.

BTW, fuck NAFTA. And fuck our gummint for proroguing Parliament, the better to sell us down the river when there's no opposition around to challenge them. Fuck them. Fuck them very much.

otto Author Profile Page:

I do like those teeth.

I also like pie.

Do you like pie too?

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