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Titulares & Asininity

Oh shut up, where have you been? Anyway, here:

  • Alvaro Uribe just destroyed the entire Colombian healthcare system, BY DECREE.
  • Terrible US ambassador to Honduras refuses to disclose how often he talks with Otto Reich, among other things.
  • If you didn't wish you were Bolivian before, you will now.
  • Lord knows you are probably in the market for a new blog, so here is one, it is about Haiti.


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Utpal Author Profile Page:

So Uribe is in Quito and Chavez is not -- coinkidinkies.

Utpal Author Profile Page:

They did interviews with all Lat Am presidents; apparently the one with Chávez was the longest.

Utpal Author Profile Page:

I have a suspicion that Granier and Co. listened to Luis Vicente Leon of Datanalisis (he pointed out recently that the RCTV thing is not resonating with the general public at all this time; it may backfire for the opposition).

Bina's kickin' asses & takin' names.

BTW, here's the link Utpal refers to:


I took the trouble of kicking a LOT of crap to the curb.

Hugo Llorens is such a dick.

There, I said it.

Utpal Author Profile Page:

So Marcel Granier went to CONATEL. I am assuming that, as I had predicted, RCTV will soon be back on air; after all this theater, marches, two deaths, endless claims about the absolute disintegration of Venezuela this year, bla bla bla ...

Btw, people should listen to Chaderton's response to the Canadian OAS member ... it was a great performance (Bina's blog haz it).

Hey, that article on Uribe destroying the Colombian health care system by decree does a one-eighty by the end of the article and supports his decrees.

I just thought you'd like to know that the writer (Gustavo Silva Cano) ends up saying things like the Uribe government doesn't want to kill people (heh-heh) and Uribe just SAVED the health care system "by decree."

Googling around, I see that this cracker also supports the U.S. military occupation of Colombia.

Tracks back to
And then back to

Interesting fact in the middle article (by Moira Birss) about a Colombian rightwing senator's Powerpoint presentation comparing Colombian and Venezuela military forces and saying Colombia would lose in a war with Venezuela; therefore, the senator welcomes the U.S. military. Birss says, 'um, WHAT war?'

After reading through the list of Titulares and Asininity, maybe vacation wasn't all that bad. It looks like nothing has changes. Uribe keeps trying to annihilate those disgusting poor people, the US Honduran ambassador is still an asshole, US foreign policy is still run by a bloodless bitch only of a different race, and Latin America is in the cross-hairs to become the real life Avatar. Sigh.

BoRev Author Profile Page:

I know, I know. I'm sorry. Things have been crazy here. Apologies...bleh.

otto Author Profile Page:

"....and don't forget to return next week, folks, for another fascinating borev article...."

Utpal Author Profile Page:

Whitebread has a new op ed on Haiti.

I'll take credit for luring BoRev back to his true calling: Snarky, sexy blogging.

Mr. JDitching da Borev Salinger returned...only a minute after I posted these testosterone-drenched pics of BOLI-WARRIOR Edwin Valero:

What's with commies & blood baths?

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