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Chile Not Only Place Clinton Pretend Concerned About

01.03.10-Hillary-Clintons.jpgBy Revolter

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it's been confirmed, the BoRev's faithful editor has tragically been disappeared by Alvaro Uribe linked death squads.

Anyway, hey look "Hillary Clinton" met up with the Hillary Clinton of Latin America and The Times UK is here to clarify for us which one of them is bullshitting, sortof:

What began as a last-minute change to Mrs Clinton's itinerary on her five-day sweep through Latin America has snowballed into a major diplomatic incident that has emboldened Argentina and caught the US largely un- awares. It could force Britain to reassess the level of international support for its efforts to develop a hydrocarbon industry in the Falklands basin.
But wait, there's no need to flip out and send in Her Majesty's Navy again just yet:
US officials said privately that British fears of being abandoned by the US over the Falklands were wildly overblown, but any hope on the part of the Administration of staying on the sidelines looked forlorn yesterday.
The UK has mercifully already rejected the US's offer to keep up the neutrality charade, so it's shaping out just like the last time. Yikes.


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Off course!!! Las malvinas siempre seran argentinas!!!

I always feel sick when i see Crisitina Fernandez near Chavez.......

I'm waiting next Jan to take my carnival cruise ships

BoRev, BoRev, hwaer ert thu?

Could someone please clear up what has happened to BoRev (without satire)? Some people are taking it literally that BoRev was 'disappeared' by Colombian death squads.


Utpal :

You know what I miss?
My weekly exposure to the word "studmuffin".

Like I used to associate Ecuador with a big bully of a banana...now I only associate it with actual bananas...

Et Al. :

Scroll down this page, and you'll recall we discussed Venezuela's growing lack of respect for private property.

Obviously, we were mistaken for Venezuelan opposition bloggers. Because folks up north picked up the story.

No surprise, Venezuela's deeply conservative consumer society has had it with da Borev's antics:

Reuters - Venezuela streets brim with revolutionary art
But for the thousands of residents whose houses are now bedecked in bright Caribbean colors, the gratitude is genuine.
"No other president bothered to do anything for the poor. Chavez is the only one," said 60-year-old Clemencia Linares, as soldiers in T-shirts emblazoned with Chavez's face hammered away at her new roof in a Caracas shanty-town.
"This is nothing short of a miracle!"
Utpal Author Profile Page:


No good deed goes unpunished

Dozens walk past dying hero, Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax, on New York sidewalk

Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax was stabbed several times in the chest while saving a woman from a knife-wielding attacker. Then he bled to death while dozens of people walked by -- one stopping to snap a picture of the dying man with his cameraphone before leaving the scene.
Tale-Yax, 31, a homeless Guatemalan immigrant, collapsed at 144th Street and 88th Road in Jamaica, Queens, while in pursuit of the woman's attacker around 5:40 a.m. on April 18. He was pronounced dead by medical workers who responded to a 911 call around 7:20 a.m.


First Mr. Ecuador kicks Americans off their base.
Now Studmuffin's straight up violating their diplomats.

I'm talking President Correa's recent meet with Arturo Valenzuela.

Call me pro-American, but I don't think the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs deserves to have his cheeks pulled like a little biatch: Who's your daddy?

That's some fucked up Israeli diplomacy right there.

Reuters is the gift that keeps on giving...

Venezuela raids cocaine labs on Colombia border

Venezuela is a major transit route to Europe and the United States for Colombian-produced cocaine.
Chavez, Latin America's leading critic of Washington, frequently says consumption in the United States and Europe is the main factor driving the illegal drug trade.

So Chavez just "says" it?
Like it's not fact, just his personal theory?

Tell me Reuters, how does Venezuela continue to be a "transit route to Europe and the United States for Colombian-produced cocaine" if the U.S. & Europe stop consuming drugs?

Jeezus, I just read that about Valero and thought it was a bad joke. I guess not. :-(

"Thanks" for the news, Utpal?
(for lack of a better word)

Here's the link again:

Show this to your friends and kids.
It may help them choose the "beautiful game"...instead of the fucked up brain-damaging, dimentia causing ones.

Though it's highly inappropriate of me to do so...
I'll leave us with this quote from the Simpsons football episode, where Martin Prince told Bart:
"Careful, Bart. You might break my calculator... by which I mean my head!"

Utpal Author Profile Page:

It seems Edwin Valero just killed himself too.

On a lighter note...

This Reuters headline works on SO MANY levels:

Chavez marks Venezuela independence, foes unhappy


Edwin Valero = Chris Benoit?

I highly recommend folks watch this:

When the quiet sweetheart wrestler Chris Benoit murdered his family, everyone looked at his body and blamed "roid rage".

But the 5th Estate team went in a completely different direction...they looked at his brain (and those of footbal players) & blamed the sports these guys engadged in.

It's a very interesting watch.
And if you read Valero's bio, you can't help but notice the relevance.

Bosque Author Profile Page:

"I wonder what effect this is gonna have!"


I don't think its going to have much effect. Colombians are going to Vz to find work and staying there. Those who go to visit will continue visiting, IMO.

Bosque Author Profile Page:

Just chimed in to say George Crist is getting pounded in his Fla campaign.

Lose baby, lose!

I can remember doing a photo essay on graffiti and mural art for the Ryersonian when I was photo editor there. Snapped some awesome shots, although there wasn't anything politically tinged; it was just great art that happened to be lurking in back and side alleys here and there.

Utpal Author Profile Page:

One of the things I used to find strange when I moved to the "west" was that graffiti was considered, almost like, murder. Where I grew up, homeowners just take it as part of life. In Bengal, for example, political parties "reserve" space on the walls (occasionally leading to turf wars, but mostly gentleman's agreements).

Speaking of petty vandalism & the simpsons...

I'm sure the Venezuelan oppos don't like the graffiti.
But I beg them to reconsider their war on stenciled depictions of molotof-wielding, topless, anarchist youth.

We should all learn from a little town called Springfield:

Kent Brockman: Mr. Simpson, how do you respond to the charges that petty vandalism such as graffiti is down eighty percent, while heavy sack beatings are up a shocking nine hundred percent?
Homer Simpson: Aw, you can come up with statistics to prove anything, Kent. Forty percent of all people know that.
Kent Brockman: I see. Well, what do you say to the accusation that your group has been causing more crimes than it's been preventing?
Homer Simpson: Oh, Kent, I'd be lying if I said my men weren't committing crimes.
Kent Brockman: [pause] Well, touché.

I think this is the shit! :

I so envy these people.

Obviously, because they get to do their thing out in the open without rags & 5-0.

But also because their work reminds me of that Bart Simpson line: "So many wasted nights..."

And it's not because of what Homer said: "See boy, the real money is in bootlegging, not your childish vandalism."

It's because I wasn't really saying anything of value by spraying the Charlotte Hornets logo on the side of my neighbourhood Dominions (big grocery chain here in the T-Dot).

BTW, the old militia lady looks like my dear departed grandma. Who never handled a gun in her life!

Probably gonna send a stampede of Colombian campesinos toward the Venezuelan border.

Utpal Author Profile Page:

Globovisión: Cancillería colombiana advirtió a sus ciudadanos que eviten viajar a Venezuela.

I wonder what effect this is gonna have!

Utpal Author Profile Page:

Another one is Marta Colomina (who used to be director of VTV, the state TV channel in the 80s), and who is now a very strident antiChavez radio personalities (she used to be at Televen, before they decided to tone down after 2004) -- she apparently has the most money.

Utpal Author Profile Page:

Have ppl seen some version of this news in the English language press?


Apparently a bunch of ppl are being accused of fraud in the US in a Stanford Bank related case, which includes a whole lotta Ven oppos, including an Eduardo Lapi (ex-governor of Yaracuy state), who is one o' their favorite "political prisoners" who fled to Peru.

(Dancing with myself...Dancing with myself...)

The most BAD-ASS BoRev picture EVER:

That's some immortal & symbolic shit right there. If that was a white dude holding the sword, you know it'd win some photography prize.
As it stands, browny needs to be sad, mad, or emaciated to get any photographic respect.

Followed by the most BAD-ASS BoRev groupie EVER:

I don't know whether to pull her cheeks...or bend over and spread mine.
(OOOoooo! Audience groans!)

Speaking of Twitter & the internets (of course we weren't, and I'm merely having a conversation with myself)...

So here's some important news about "Net Neutrality":

I don't come here to bore you, kids. Let's just say that Paul Escobar supports "Net Neutrality" & you should too.

Anyways, the article is pretty serious & factual. Lots of great analysis & a nice summary of events.

We get a taste of what metaphorical flourishes await us when your video-game addicted kids take over the world:

Ben Scott, policy director for the public interest group Free Press said:
"Comcast swung an ax at the FCC to protest the BitTorrent order...And they sliced right through the FCC's arm and plunged the ax into their own back."


Seriously Chavez?
You've got people doing WORK in the streets...many in neighbourhoods that the Crips would be scared of...and you're worried about competing online with a bunch of trust fund cases?

On behalf of said trust fund cases, & those who threaten coups like my girl threatens to leave me...let me say that we're just a bunch of overhyped PUSSIES.

- We declare a douchebag blog with a 140 character limit a "human right".
- The evil child abuse enabling mom from Desperate Housewives is our international celebrity spokesperson.
- We secretly buy plane tickets to Miami, the night before calling for uprisings in Caracas.

So: "NO!"
No declaring online "flame wars".
No arresting oppos for talking smack like Sylvester the cat.

And: "YES!"
Yes keep flooding the streets with those doctors from Cuba.
Yes keep flooding the streets with that thang Busta Rhymes, Akon, & Lil' Wayne call "ARAB MONEY".

I just wonder when the lamestream media plans on reporting that Chavecito actually encouraged PSUVistas to use the tweeter. They're still saying he's trying to shut down the Internets. (rolls eyes)

Bosque Author Profile Page:

Its almost Easter Sunday and no "peeps" display?!!! Damnit to hell!!!! (Pardon my foul language but shit, WTF?)

Dayum employment!

Utpal Author Profile Page:

Ya know, I never thought I'd find anything good about twitter, but the Chavista-escualido twitfights are kinda entertaining (and may actually be something positive)

Venezuela no haz help from teh gringoz.

I get worried when I read fair summaries of BoRev events:

Hannah Strange, you got alot of balls pointing out that the revolution is severely militarily underfunded:
"...but the Venezuelans still spend less than half as much on arms as Colombia."

Should we be worried?

Utpal Author Profile Page:

Didya guys know that Lina Ron tweets?

Meanwhile, you're all invited to a little celebration:


Another Chavecito-supported peace initiative bears fruit. And another black eye for El Narco.


That's what happens when Paul Escobar mixes his morning VeneZeLAya news with Dirty South RAP.

The repressed curse words, sexism, & mild racism just burst out...while I crank dat soulja boy, then superman dat HO!...there I go again.

You're lucky I wasn't listening to Anya Marina singing "Whatever you like" while I typed that.
Or else you would have been reading a porno scene titled: The Penn is harder than the Ho!

Bosque Author Profile Page:

No, Utpal, I think Eric has a job now. A donde va Revolter the trusty side kick?a

Bosque Author Profile Page:

Oye! Pablo, you okay?

¿Donde está la BoRev?

I so miss the Borev! We need him back. :-(

And meanwhile, what new and groundbreaking acting has Conchita done, lately?


Valero vs. Alcoholism?
Fuck dat.

Maria Conchita Alonso's lookin for a FIGHT:
(Newsbusters the best you could do? LOL! that shits embarassing)

BoRev's gotta do the play-by-play for: Hoochie Coochie VS. Sean Penn
I'm talkin: Saggy vaggie VS. Spicoli
Rumble in the post-menopause jungle: Stanky mammary glands VS. I am Sam

Seriously, Sean Penn needs to do the heizman on dat ho:
Ho you stank (you stank!), so why you tryin'? (why?!)
If you don't step back (step back!!), I'm gonna crank that heizman!
(Do the heizman on dat ho!!)

Nolan Author Profile Page:

I miss the Borev.

Utpal Author Profile Page:

We haven't discussed Inca Valero in a long time, but looks like he is in alcoholic rehab:


Utpal Author Profile Page:

So Eric has pretty much abandoned the blog, eh?

Utpal Author Profile Page:

Oops, I meant Cambio, yes.

El Cid Author Profile Page:

Meanwhile, in the Savior of Democracy in the Best Democracy Ever in the Hemisphere, this:

Candidates with paramilitary ties win big

Monday, 15 March 2010 12:05 Elyssa Pachico | Colombia Reports

One of the big winners in Sunday's congressional elections is the controversial Party for National Integration (PIN), which won eight seats and is now the fourth largest force in the Senate.

The party has been criticized because many members have family ties or other links to former legislators who are currently in prison for their association with paramilitaries.

PIN members who won Senate seats in Sunday's elections include Teresa Garcia Romero, who after winning 39,812 votes will represent the Sucre department in northern Colombia. Her brother was arrested in 2007 for involvement in a peasant massacre, conducted by the now-demobilized paramilitary group AUC, in the Bolivar department in 2000.

Another senator-elect, Hector Lopez for the Bolivar department, is the son of businesswoman Enilce Lopez, alias "The Cat." She is currently under house arrest and being investigated for money laundering and supporting paramilitaries. With 69,304 votes, Lopez will enter office with one of the largest margins of victory in the party.

Following closely behind with 49,224 votes is PIN member Nerthink Aguilar, who has no prior political experience and will represent the Santander department. His father, a retired colonel, is being investigated for business links with paramilitaries.

The founder of PIN, Luis Alberto Gil, who is currently serving time in a Bogota prison for "parapolitics," reportedly managed his wife's Senate campaign from behind the scenes.

Gil's wife, Doris Clemencia Vega, won 32,198 votes, and will also represent the Santander deparment.

A trio of senators from the Valle del Cauca department will also hold seats for PIN. Juan Carlos Rizzetto, with 62,380 votes, reportedly received support from two ex-senators who form part of the "Valle clan," a group of politicians linked to the Cali drug cartel and paramilitary groups.

One of Rizzetto's main backers, Carlos Heney Abadia, was sentenced to prison for involvement in the 1994 presidential election scandal, when it was discovered that winning candidate Ernesto Samper's campaign was partially funded by money from the Cali cartel.

The two other PIN senators from Valle, Carlos Arturo Quintero and Hemel Arturo Angulo, also won with 52,741 and 37,691 votes respectively.

The PIN party obtained over 780,000 votes in total on Sunday.

But I understand how this could happen, because I hear the paramilitaries use only the most stylish, beautifully hand-woven ties.

El Cid Author Profile Page:

Utpal: Semana is still very much active.

You may be thinking of Cambio, which was likely shut down because its revelations of the U.S.-Colombia base deals agreement and agricultural funds fraud irritated their owners, the Santos family, of which Uribe's vice-president is a member.

In addition, El Espectador continues to do outstanding work as a daily newspaper.

Utpal Author Profile Page:

@El_Cid: Btw, Semana magazine was made to fold by the owning company; so no more significant Uribe critics left anymore.

JoeEM Author Profile Page:

El CID - funny how General Fraser's announcement has met with the most resounding of media silences. Can't find stories about in any mainstream media.

El Cid, don't tell me you missed Otto's birthday?!

That news was brought up...in between the kitty cat dance!

El Cid Author Profile Page:

Hey, this seems like a good place for this U.S. military calling of Colombia defense ministry / Washington Post screaming as the anti-Chavez rumorific bullshit it was:

US general sees no Venezuela-guerrilla link

(AFP) – 1 day ago

WASHINGTON — The general in charge of US military activities in Latin America said Thursday he had no evidence of links between Venezuela’s leftist government and Colombian and Basque guerrilla groups.

“We have not seen any connections specifically that I can verify that there has been a direct government-to-terrorist connection” General Douglas Fraser, head of the US Southern Command, told a Senate hearing.

“We have continued to watch very closely for any connections between illicit and terrorist organization activity within the region,” he said. “We are concerned about it. I’m skeptical. I continue to watch for it.”

Here's a look back at the Washington Post's Jackson Diehl turning the editorial page into a propaganda front for press releases from Colombian military officers, and here is a reminder that Diehl and Hiatt are such liars that they literally made up words not in original documents to support their bullshit anti-Chavez charges that Venezuela was arming the FARC rebels.

(puts on Maple Leaf t-shirt, struts)

Utpal Author Profile Page:

Uh ah! Chávez no se va!

Canada represents da BoRev BITCHES!!:

Arkells win breakthrough award at CRMAs

Not only did Hamilton, Ont., soul-blues rockers Arkells deliver the best live performance at the Canadian Radio Music Awards on Friday in Toronto, but they also took home a trophy for the FACTOR breakthrough award.

“Thank you for playing a song about a socialist president in Venezuela,” said lead singer Max Kerman on stage with his bandmates, in reference to The Ballad Of Hugo Chavez.

“We snuck that one past you,” he quipped, before the group rocked the house with another tune, Oh, The Boss Is Coming!

Other notable CRMA winners at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel ceremonies, which are part of Canadian Music Week, included Metric for best new group (rock) and Drake for best new solo artist (dance, urban, rhythmic), while Nickelback won for Chart Topper Award, and Hedley for Fan’s Choice.

Sounds to me like you're egging him on.

Oh I do hope he is found in time for Easter to make another Peep display. Easter just isn't the same without a "peep" show!


Meanwhile, Las Malvinas son Argentinas.

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