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April 3, 2007

Kibitzing in Caracas

After annoying Catholics during Holy Week, today we turn to a crazy story in the Jewish Journal during the middle of Passover. Apparently, we’re equal opportunity irritants.

Actually, the Venezuelan Jewish leaders quoted in the story all seem pretty darn thoughtful—they may not be Chavez voters, but life is good, business is booming, and as Rabbi Pynchas Brener puts it, "If you're not involved in politics, you don't really feel the regime." Lucky you, rabbi. Wish we could say the same in the States!

But if the locals aren’t interested in labeling Chavez as anti-Semitic, the reporter sure as hell wants to go there. He inexplicably claims that a quote by Argentina’s first lady opposing anti-Semitism “seemed to be a swipe at Chavez” (huh?), and takes pains to link a private newspaper, which ran an anti-Semitic opinion piece, to the government.

But the lamest thing this story does is to dredge up a long-debunked misquote from a Chavez speech two years ago. At the time, an international organization jumped on it as “evidence” of Chavez’s anti-Semitism, but it turns out that they’d personally edited the quote to make it look like Chavez was talking about Jews when he wasn’t. The whole ugly incident prompted Venezuelan Jewish leaders to write a torked-off letter to the Simon Wiesenthal Center, telling them to butt out of “issues that you don't know or understand.”

Another queer-in-the-old-fashioned-sense-of-the-word thing about this story: Everyone quoted was willing to go on the record, except for one fellow who lavishly praised Venezuelan life in the Chavez era. Dude requested anonymity.

August 7, 2007

You Should Hear What the Zoroastrians Say About Him

Chavez is in Argentina today making all kinds of important trade deals with President Kirchner, so of course the New York Times coverage is all about “concerns” over Venezuela’s ties to Iran within Argentina’s Jewish Community. And by “Argentina’s Jewish Community,” they mean “The Simon Wiesenthal Center,” who are the only people actually interviewed here. Well them, and some Israeli “political analyst” who said this:

“Jews are worried that Chavez’s anti-Americanism could turn into anti-Semitism.”
Yes, true! Or perhaps my distaste for, say, Larry King will morph into an intense hatred of… cattle rustlers. Or Nigerians.

For the record, the Wiesenthal Center has been very concerned about Chavez for some time. Preoccupied, you might say. So much so that Venezuelan Jewish leaders have had to write angry letters to the Center asking them to kindly STFU and pretty please stop fudging quotes from Chavez in their press releases.

If you feel like you’ve heard this story before, you might be confusing it with the mid ‘80s. Today of course, we know that the supposed anti-Semitic nature of the Sandinistas was just a manufactured slur by cracked-out Reagan officials who would say anything for a war, but check out this listing of New York Times stories, columns and letters claiming that it was reality at the time. You remember this period, right? Back when we were kicking commie ass off the proceeds of illegal arms sales to…Wow. That’s trippy when you think about it.

January 10, 2008

It’s the 21st Century. You Can Be Both Pro-Judaism and Pro-Palestine Now.

The Miami Herald’s Latin America coverage has traditionally dovetailed nicely with U.S. foreign policy interests in the region, which stands to reason considering half their staff remain on the State Department payroll (and that’s no conspiracy theory: its been in the papers).

So I guess we weren’t exactly surprised to read their editorial today demanding that Chavez “Stop the Attacks on Jews in Venezuela.” Errrrr? Really?

It turns out that most of the “attacks” are of the written variety. If you are familiar with the Spanish (and the Adobe Acrobat) you can click here to download a .pdf of the “culture ministry publication that runs articles on ‘'the Jewish Question,’” they mention, which, despite its admittedly terrible title is actually an analysis of Israeli policy in Palestine and Lebanon, not of Venezuelan Jews. They also condemn articles published in “government friendly newspapers,” whatever that means. And then of course, they are up in arms over Venezuela’s “worrisome ties” with other OPEC nations.

Sigh. Sound familiar? Oh right, the 80s. Here’s a link to some of the now-discredited stories the New York Times published at the time about anti-Semitism in Nicaragua, which was one of the reasons it was so patriotic at the time to load Iran up with weapons and shred the paper trial or something. The details confuse me. Oh and here’s the response from actual Venezuelan Jews the last time accusations like this emerged: basically “butt out and STFU.”

January 31, 2008

Mona Charen’s Own Private Odessa

Hey you know what really sucked? The Holocaust is what. And you know who’s got really crappy foreign and domestic policies? Israel! Any mouth breathing fourth grader can see that these are not mutually exclusive concepts, but that’s never going to stop right wing kooks like Mona Charen from conflating them into one big ball of anti-Semitic slime fit for publication in, naturally, the Washington Times.

Like hundreds of other people who never realized that Venezuela existed before Chavez, Charen is shocked! and outraged! to discover that the country maintains close diplomatic relations with other oil producing nations and is critical when Israel bombs it’s neighbors, so she’s written it all up into her super-subtly-titled essay “A Pogrom In Venezuela?” in which she notes that “diplomacy alone” is insufficient to stop Chavez and we should apparently let Israel blow him up or something. Oh and just about every claim she makes is demonstrably false! You think I exaggerate? Join us after the jump!

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August 30, 2008

Is This What Fearing Gets?

ross.jpgRemember that awesome day when we discovered that the Monroe Doctrine was finally, officially dead and all the little countries in the Western Hemisphere were freed from their servitude, and then they unzipped their costumes and started dancing all over the place in their underwear? Wait, no, that was The Wiz. Anyhow the point is that we were all sort of naïve and gun-jumpy since we're still saddled with this even crappier "Bush Doctrine," which says that the US can invade any country, regardless of geography, so long as there is at least one halfway plausible written-down-somewhere link to terrorists or Iran or Islam or something.

So anyway the LA Times has just uncovered this shocking story about one anonymous "Western anti-terrorism official," and his "fears" that Hezbollah may be operating in Venezuela! And that's not all, he also "fears" that oil deals between Venezuela and the middle east might even be fronts for terrorisms, somehow! And his terrible fears are summed up nicely in the article's feary headline: "Hezbollah Presence in Venezuela Feared." Yikes, are you afeared now too?

And then it gets even fearier, because the LA Times is part of the Tribune Family of Newspapers, and so the story got reprinted the next day in other newspapers under a new, better headline. This one reads "Hezbollah's Presence in Venezuela Draws Concern." So now we're moved passed our fear that Hezbollah might be operating in Venezuela, and on to concern about all the awful things it's probably doing there, maybe. Same story, no new evidence or anything. Stay scared(er).

And then of course the sounding board kicks in, in the form of weird online think-tanks and their own fearful--what's the word, analysis?--of the situation. The "StrategyPage" is super-double scared that Venezuela's business dealings with Iran might not even be about oil at all, and "maybe" they are nothing more that a front group ...

"for teams of terrorists intent on kidnapping Jewish residents of, or visitors to, Venezuela. The captives would then be smuggled back to Lebanon and used to extract prisoners and other concessions from Israel."
Hey, "maybe"! Who the hell knows, right? But the whole idea is one scary toe-curling, ease-on-down-the-road feargasm, which is also the point, "maybe."

February 1, 2009

Titulares & Asininity

  • If Hugo Chavez would just stop criticizing the mass murders of Palestinian school children, we might be able to stop the terrible scourge of vandalism once and for all.
  • Barack Obama and Evo Morales will now team up to kill the world's white people. Happy, libruls?
  • Chavez, Correa, and Aleida Guevara pay a musical tribute to Che, but only Raf knows all the words.
  • One problem with empowering Indigenous communities of course is that Indians are brutal, evil, subhuman beast-men.
  • The FMLN is up 10 percentage points in the latest round of El Salvador polling.

February 8, 2009

Yesterday Once More

reagantime.jpgBack in the 80s, in an effort to drum up American support for the brutal war against popular leftist movements in Central America, the Reagan Administration famously fanned fake stories of Sandinista anti-Semitism, which the major media largely published without investigating. The campaign has since become a textbook example of government propaganda efforts studied and decried on college campuses across the country. Nowadays of course we're wiser and more cynical and we'd never ever fall for crap like that again (ha ha).

Last week a synagogue in Caracas was broken into at night and vandalized with terrible hate speech. It was an ugly, nasty crime with no apparent links to the government, except, of course, in the US press coverage, where many of the stories have been pretty much snatched wholesale from the headlines of 1983. This one today in the Post will surely be studied one day as a classic of the genre. From the second paragraph:

President Hugo Chávez condemned the Jan. 30 attack, which has shaken the country's political establishment. But Jewish leaders, supported by Israeli and U.S. officials, have said the populist government's often incendiary rhetoric toward the Jewish state, coupled with rising anti-Semitic diatribes in pro-government media, has helped foster a climate of intolerance.
You see how that works? Criticism of Israeli foreign policy "helped foster a climate" of anti-Semitism leading to violence, according to "Israeli and U.S. officials." Also, diatribes, not in government publications, but in the "pro-Government media," have contributed to the problem. So there you go, this terrible crime would never have happened if Chavez would just muzzle the press and keep his mouth shut about the Gaza massacre, for freedom. Thwk thwk thwk. What's that sound? Oh hey it's Otto Reich, masturbating.

February 9, 2009

The Miami Herald Has Adopted An Official Policy of Anti -Sensemaking

Of course the Herald goes there. They are v. v. concerned about this new "official policy of anti-Semitism" Venezuela's got. Wait, official what? Oh right, let's see: Venezuela has relations with Iran, criticized the massacre in Gaza, and "tolerates" anti-Semitic writings in its independent press, so naturally every random, despicable act of violence or hate speech from any illiterate yahoo is now, officially, "official." Awesome. My favorite line from this dingbat editorial:

Mr. Chávez issued a pro-forma condemnation [of the Synagogue attack], but he would be more believable if he had not led the way in attacking Israel for the recent conflict in Gaza.
What can you even say to conflation of that magnitude? Seriously, people. You're an actual newspaper, not some mouth breathing fucknut on the comment boards at RedState. Lucky for you "tolerating" first amendment principles isn't just a Venezuelan concept.

February 12, 2009

WaPo: Random Blog Comment in Venezuela is Evidence of State Sponsored Hate

Well this was inevitable. Here's the Washington Post's friendly editorial page today, with the headline "Mr. Chavez Vs. the Jews," in which we learn that Hugo Chavez is leading a terrible campaign of anti-Semitism because 1) He opposed the invasion of Gaza, like the rest of the world, 2) A group of dipshits attacked a synagogue (they were arrested), and, importantly, 3) a "commentator" on a "pro-government Web site," made some ugly anti-Semitic comment.

Yes, the Washington Post has now cited a blog commenter as major evidence of state sponsored hate. Welcome to our American conversation, as moderated by Michelle Malkin.

BTW: Don't miss the link at the bottom of the editorial: "Have a different view on this issue? Debate a member of the editorial board in the Editorial Judgment discussion group." Ha ha. Play nice now, kids.

February 13, 2009

Ha Ha Simon Romero Just Slays Me

classic.jpgWell the dust has settled, arrests have been made, and now we learn that the frightening Caracas synagogue attack was actually a robbery, hatched by former security staff. Even the guard who got tied up was in on it. Quico, the self-described "ranting Chavez hater" from Caracas Chronicles notes it was "an inside job relying on help from one of the guards, and that the desecration of the temple was an attempt to throw off investigators." Whew. Glad that's over. THANK GOD NOBODY JUMPED TO CRAZY CONCLUSIONS OR ANYTHING.

Naturally Simon Romero filed his hysterical rendition in the New York Times today, with none of this new, presumably noteworthy context included, because he just copied it from 3-day-old wire stories, like always.

June 7, 2009

Ungrateful Venezuelan Jews Refuse to Recognize Connie Mack as Their Spiritual Leader

mack-a-doodle.jpgOy to the vey, people! Orange-skinned South Florida Congressputz Connie Mack got his little tuckus handed to him by Venezuela's Jewish community last week. Mack had thought that by introducing a Congressional resolution condemning a recent synagogue robbery in Caracas, he could pander to his district's two main political forces (crazy Cubans and nice old Jewish ladies) at the same time. What could go wrong with that?

Feh. Turns out the dumb schmuck never bothered to consult with the country's Jewish leaders on the whole deal, and that they were by and large happy with the government's response to the robbery. As a spokesman for the Venezuela's largest Jewish federation noted:

All of our [religious] institutions are protected by the police -- we cannot complain about that," said Pressner, noting that "the government reacted well" to the earlier attacks. He added that the Jewish community has recently had some "informal communications with some top level officials of the government."
Needless to say, the community about plotzed when they found out. They politely thanked Mack for his "very good intentions" then got on the horn to their U.S. Congressional allies and got the resolution killed, the end! Or is it?
Though he pulled the amendment recently, Mack told JTA that he plans on "actively pursuing every opportunity to further this resolution," which he also introduced as stand-alone legislation before the full House in mid-May.
Que chutzpah!

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